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Approximately 36 aircraft in a wing

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how many plans did the raf have in ww2

The motto of Tactical Communications Wing RAF is '- We Speak Everywhere'.

what planes did the British RAF use in World War 2

the term can be used as A) An RAF airshow fly by or B) A fighter/bomber wing or formation

During the battle of Britan . RAF had less pilots and planes than Luftwaffe but in the end of the war RAF was bigger

Winglets are not absolutely required but many planes have winglets added to improve the aerodymanic efficiency of the wing.

There weren't any 'Scottish' planes as such. The RAF has always been staffed by people from all over the UK.

4000 planes The RAF had about 600 hurricanes and spitfires at the start of the BoB Incidentally about a 100 Italian planes attacked the UK when it was all over bar the shouting

The motto of Tactical Communications Wing RAF is 'Ubique Loquimur'.

Cessnas have high wing, and most other small planes have low wing.

That can be a squadron, or maybe a 'wing'...

Luftwaffe & RAF front line strength would have each been between 1000 & 2000 aircraft.

might depend how many, e.g. squadron, wing, flight etc.

Rudder on the wing of the plane controls the direction.

killed peopleThe RAF not only killed people, which they did much of. They were the main reason Hitler never invaded England. The radars employed by the British gave a warning to the RAF so they knew how many German planes were coming and from which direction. This allowed the RAF to send out planes to intercept the Germans before they could bomb the mainland freely. Which gave Hitler doubts about invading.They were also key in Dunkirk where they prevented German planes from bombing those stuck on the beach, before the British could send ships to save them.Another AnswerThey flew aeroplanes.

It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

Damian Kelleher has written: 'Planes of the RAF' 'Battle of Britain'

There were many variants of the Spitfire with different wings, fuselages, engines and propellers. Wing spans went from 32 ft for the Mk V up to 40 ft for the high altitude models. The most common wing on many models was 36 ft 10 in.

as big as a planes wing

the wing flaps go up and down

Winston Churchill didn't defeat Hitler alone, there were many countries fighting against him but when the British fought the Germans it was mostly air combat with planes. While Hitler had more men and planes the British pilots were better trained and their planes were faster and could turn more sharply, they also had radar while German planes didn't which gave them a big advantage at night. Although the British were better equipped the RAF (Royal Air Force) had taken allot of damage and were near defeat when Churchill bombed Berlin Germany's capital Hitler then decided to stop bombing the RAF bases and attacked London this gave the RAF enough time to make more planes and train more Pilots so that when the final battle of Britain ensued, the RAF had enough planes in the air to repel Germany. Churchills decision to bomb Berlin to take pressure off the RAF is seen as one of the key factors in Britains victory in the battle for Britain

2353 British Pilots served574 Pilots From Overseas•544 Total RAF & Allied pilots killed•27,450 Civilians killed•3000 Luftwaffe personnel killed•1547 RAF planes lost (1023Fs 524 Bs)•1887 Luftwaffe planes lost (873Fs 1014Bs))

Planes like B-2 Bomber And F-117 Nighthawk are these king of planes. They fly one main wing. They are called Omniwings.

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