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How many players from Duke have played in the NBA?

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Players who attended a college but then transferred may not show up for that college. In most cases the college last attended will be used. Some colleges have changed their name over the years. Different names for the same college may be listed separately.

This is up to 2006:

Abdelnaby, Alaa 1990-1994
Alarie, Mark 1986-1990
Armstrong, Tate 1977-1978
Avery, William 1999-2001
Banks, Gene 1981-1986
Battier, Shane 2001-2006
Boozer, Carlos 2002-2006
Brand, Elton 1999-2006
Crow, Mark 1977-1977
Davis, Brian 1993-1993
Dawkins, Johnny 1986-1994
Deng, Luol 2004-2006
Dennard, Kenny 1981-1983
Denton, Randy 1971-1976
Duhon, Chris 2004-2006
Dunleavy, Mike 2002-2006
Ewing, Daniel 2005-2006
Ferry, Danny 1990-2002
Gantt, Bob 1946-1946
Gminski, Mike 1980-1993
Groat, Dick 1952-1952
Henderson, Dave 1987-1987
Heyman, Art 1963-1969
Hill, Grant 1994-2006
Hurley, Bobby 1993-1997
Jones, Dahntay 2003-2006
Kennedy, Joe 1968-1970
Kistler, Doug 1961-1961
Laettner, Christian 1992-
Lang, Antonio 1994-1999
Langdon, Trajan 1999-2001
Lewis, Mike 1968-1973
Maggette, Corey 1999-2006
Marin, Jack 1966-1976
Mcleod, Roshown 1998-2000
Melchionni, Gary 1973-1974
Mullins, Jeff 1964-1975
Nessley, Martin 1987-1987
Parks, Cherokee 1995-2003
Randolph, Shavlik 2005-2006
Riedy, Bob 1967-1967
Spanarkel, Jim 1979-1983
Taylor, Vince 1982-1982
Vacendak, Steve 1967-1969
Verga, Bob 1967-1973
Williams, Jay 2002-2002
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How many duke players are in the NBA top fifty players?


How many duke players in nba?

Ther are 23

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Which ncaa school has produced the most nba players?

UCLA has produced the most NBA players and Duke is a close second. UCLA has 17 players in the NBA and Duke has 15.

Any hall of fame NBA players from duke?

i dont think so...duke has never really put out any good quality nba players no duke player has been succcesful in my opininonThere is no Pro Basketball or NBA Hall of Fame. The Basketball Hall of Fame is littered with players you have never heard of who never played in the NBA. Women players, foreign players, college players, all end up in the same hall of fame.

How many unc players currently in NBA?

How many current players are in the nba that played for unc

What university has had the most players in the NBA?

The University of Kentucky has the most players that are in the NBA with 20 players. Duke University follows with 18 players in the NBA.

How many duke players have become nba all stars?

Grant hill

Who in the NBA Could have played at Duke?

J.J Reddick played at Duke before he went to the NBA

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What state produces the most NBA players?

Florida, California, and Texas produce a lot of good NBA players, but I'm not for sure what state produces the MOST NBA players. duke has the most nba players in the nba now.

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ucla duke Arizona

What former duke players are in NBA?

That would be grant hill (phoenix suns)

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How many players in the NBA are Felons?

NBA players with felonies

What was the highest nba draft pick to come out of duke?

Two players drafted as the number one overall pick: Elton Brand in 1999 and Art Heyman in 1963 Also a complete list of NBA draft picks that played at Duke:

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How many players are in the NBA from UNC

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they have 10 players currently in nba