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Several hundred, though most of them were short - one or two four-lined stanzas, and many are not suitable for polite company

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Q: How many poems did Shel Silverstein write in his lifetime?
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Why did Shel Silverstein write the poem sick?

Shel Silverstein wrote poems to entertain people.

How many books did Shel Silverstein write?

Shel silverstein wrote and published 11 books in his lifetime.

Why did Shel Silverstein write poems?

Shel Silverstein wrote poems just to entertain other childer or people. This made him become famous.

How many poems did Shel Silverstein write?

only 1

What poems does Shel Silverstein write?

the type of poems he writes are funny , silly , sad and happy poems

What are some characteristics of Shel Silverstein poems?

Some characteristics of Shel Silverstein's writing is rhyming and most of his poems are funny.

What does Shel Silverstein like to do?

write poems that's why he got all those books.

How old was Shel Silverstein when he began to write his poems and stories?

He was 12 years old.

What are some poems similar to Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein?

A Light In the Attic has poems written by Shel Silverstein that are also similar.

Why did Shel Silverstein start to write?

he started to write because he loved children and liked to write books and poems

How many poems has Shel Silverstein wrote?

19 poems

What type of poems did Shel Silverstein write?

all types of kinds but mostly happy child's poems Toering98~children poems

Was Shel Silverstein gay?

Shel Silverstein had a wife and children. His children were often inspiration for some of his poems.

How did Shel Silverstein express himself in his poems?


What were Shel Silverstein's poems based on?

not sure at the moment:(

Who writes diamante poems?

try Shel Silverstein

How many poems did Shel Silverstein sell?


How many poems has Shel Silverstein published?

over 400 children poems

How many poems are in Shel Silverstein's A Light In The Attic?


Which Shel Silverstein poems contain similes and metaphors?

all of them

Did Shel Silverstein have any grandchildren?

yes he did and he read them poems

What Shel Silverstein poems use onomatopoeia?

freindship ones

Shel silverstein poems with onomatopoeia?

Peanut-Butter Sandwich

Is there any personification poems in a light in the attic by Shel Silverstein?


What two poems were written by Shel Silverstein?

poopy poopy