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How many poems did Shel Silverstein write in his lifetime?


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Several hundred, though most of them were short - one or two four-lined stanzas, and many are not suitable for polite company


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Shel Silverstein wrote poems to entertain people.

Shel Silverstein wrote poems just to entertain other childer or people. This made him become famous.

Shel silverstein wrote and published 11 books in his lifetime.

the type of poems he writes are funny , silly , sad and happy poems

A Light In the Attic has poems written by Shel Silverstein that are also similar.

write poems that's why he got all those books.

he started to write because he loved children and liked to write books and poems

all types of kinds but mostly happy child's poems Toering98~children poems

Shel Silverstein had a wife and children. His children were often inspiration for some of his poems.

Shel silverstein is a poet who wrote many great poems for kids just to entertain them. For example here are some poems by Shel silverstein: Messy Room Where the Sidewalk Ends Sister for Sale

Some characteristics of Shel Silverstein's writing is rhyming and most of his poems are funny.

yes he did and he read them poems

shel silverstein is a great poetry auther. he is very funny and a lot of children love his poems

Some of the poems he writes include some symbolic reasoning, but others are just for fun and are poems to make little kids giggle :)

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Of course there are all ways examples of poems. For example have you read Shel Silverstein.

"Red flowers for you" by Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein, who is a renowned poet and writer, has a lot of popular poems. These include, but are not limited to, Snowball, Sick, Dreadful, Toplesstown, The Smoke Off, and Messy Room.

Yes. Shel Silverstein wrote the children's book "The Giving Tree".

Shel Silverstein is blackShel Silverstein is white.

Many different awards for his children's poems.

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