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How many points can one expect to be taken off of their score for a collection account that was charged off?


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It varies, but can be a lot.


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Scores are determined by the person's entire credit history. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate the increase in a score by the expiration of a specific entry.

You can expect at least 10-15 point off of your credit score with an unpaid account. Remember the older the account the less it will affect you.

While there's no definitive answer with respect to how many points your credit score may drop after a collection, a collection account is a clear indication that a loan, credit card or retail card was not repaid and payment history is one major contributing factor to your credit score. This can have a negative impact on your credit score.

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If you are paying off an old collection, yes, this will lower your FICO score, and possibly by much more than 5 points, depening on the age of the collection you are paying off. The reason for this is because the "date of last activity", a factor in the credit scoring process, becomes current when you pay off a collection. A collection that has not been active in 6 years will have very little effect on your FICO score - maybe 5 - 10 points at most. However, when you pay it off, that collection now reports a current activity date, and although it is a zero balance, the fact that the collection is now recent will far outweigh the effect of your paying it off, possibly by as much as 50 points, even more. This is why we tell people to NEVER pay off old collections and P&Ls before you search for home or car loans. Pay those off at CLOSING (as you will likely have to), that way, the hit won't effect your FICO until after you have closed. Hope this helps!

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THERE ARE ALOT FACTORS INVOLVED WHEN POINTS ARE ADDED UNTO YOUR CREDIT SCORE. IF YOU PAY OFF AN OLD BILL YOU CAN RECIEVE ANWHERE FROM 15-20 POINTS ADDED UNTO YOUR CREDIT SCORE. If by the term "old bill" you mean a collection account, then paying it off may not raise your score at all. Credit scoring software disregards the balance (or lack of) on a collection account. The fact that the account is in default PLUS the "date last reported" are what cause deductions to the score. So if this "old bill" had not been recently updated and you pay it, causing it to be updated NOW to reflect a zero balance; you may have just significantly harmed your score.

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== == Yes, when you transfer a balance you are required to close that account. Closing an account decreases your score up to 20 points. You then increase the balance of a new account. Opening a new account decreases your score up 20 points. If you have a balance on an account that is already open and your transfer more money into that account you are increasing your balance; which will decrease your score up to 20 points. So, be careful with this process, and be aware of the affects.

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If you meant to say, How many points are added to your FICO score if a collection account is deleted" then there is no specific answer. There is no set number of points added if a collection is deleted. The FICO credit scoring model prior to generating a credit score drops everyone into currently 10 scorecards. Each scorecard is a credit scoring model in it's own right. Each model adds or subtracts a different number of points depending on which scorecard that you are in. Each scorecard has a different scoring range too. It also depends on how recent, and how many collections you have. After you have a certain number of collections reporting, there is no additional penalty for having more collections reporting on your credit.

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