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how many points dose foreclosure decrease your credit score

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Q: How many points does foreclosure decrease your credit score?
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How many points will a foreclosure reduce your credit score?

Depends on credit score prior to foreclosure. If your score was higher before foreclosure, it might drop 200 points or so. If it was lower before foreclosure, it might drop closer to 100 points. It varies significantly.

How long is your credit affected after a foreclosure?

Usually a foreclosure will lower a person's credit score by 250 points, and sometimes by as many as 280 points. The foreclosure stays on a person's credit report for seven years.

How does foreclosure impact my credit score?

Foreclosure can have a drastic effect on your credit score. Your credit rating decreases with missed payments on your home, as well as other bills. In addition, the foreclosure itself can lower your score by over 100 points. In addition, a foreclosure can stay on your record for seven to ten years. Forclosure can and will have a very negative impact on your credit score. This is an unfortunate by product of the recent economic crisis.

How many points do medical bills decrease your credit score?


What is the impact of a foreclosure on your credit score?

Foreclosure and FICO The total impact of a foreclosure on ones credit report is estimated to be between 200-300 points. The foreclosure itself accounts for 125 -175 points and the late payments that led up to the foreclosure account for the remaining point deductions. Ironically, the higher your score was to start with the more points will generally be deducted. After several years (2-3) your credit score will have rebounded substantially as long as other payments are maintained. You can expect anywhere from a 50-100 points penalty remaining on the report at this point.

How long will a foreclosure be on your credit report and how will it effect your credit score?

A foreclosure can stay on your credit report for over ten years. It will have a significant and negative impact on your score.

How does foreclosure affect credit?

Your credit will be affected negatively with a possibility of your credit score dropping 200 or more points. Not sure if you are in foreclosure now but if you are not make sure to communicate with your banks regarding your situation to prepare for other options and at least the banks will be aware.

How many points will your credit score go up with a foreclosure removed?

You might see some movement but according to how the rest of your file looks will determine that

If my mother is an authorized user on my credit card and she is currently in the process of foreclosure would her foreclosure as an AU affect your credit?

No, having her listed as an authorized user will have no impact on your credit score.

Which hurts a credit score more bankrutpcy or foreclosure?

Both can hurt a lot, but your credit still can be restored after this.

How long will your credit be bad after a home foreclosure?

The damage to your credit score and how fast it recovers depends greatly on the rest of your credit history. Someone who has no other issues will rebound faster than someone who had other late payments or a lower score to begin with. If the foreclosure is the only issue, the score should begin to rise within a few months and may slowly recover to pre-foreclosure leves over the next couple years. The score is separate from the actual foreclosure reporting as a derogatory item as far as obtaining new credit. It is possible to have an acceptable or good FICO score with a dated foreclosure on your credit and still not be able to get credit because of the derogatory item. The foreclosure itself will report for 7 years but it's impact on your score will less as time goes by.

How many points will your credit score drop if you go over your credit limit?

Make sure that you stay below 30% of the credit limit if you want to have a decent credit score. There is a scoring module that Credit Reporting Agencies go by that we as the consumers don't know about. I will tell from experience that your score could decrease anywhere from 10 - 20 points from each bureau that your account is being reported with.

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