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How many points does snowflake have?

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A snowflake has six points.

And though they look to have a 6-fold symmetry, most snowflakes are not symmetric.

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Well every snowflake is different so you cant really tell someone that there is 11 points of a snowflake, that would be inaccurate.

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A snowflake has six spokes.

there are 12 fingers on a snowflake.

The word snowflake has two syllables. The syllables in the word are snow-flake.

I think a snowflake got the snow part because it was made from snow. I think a snowflake got the flake part because it's so tiny. You would need a humongeous magnifying glass to see all the little tiny points.

The number of times that an image is reflected in a six sided snowflake is infinity. It is easy to construct a six sided snowflake in a PC.

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A snowflake normally has six sides which are also known as branches. All snowflakes take the shape of a hexagon.

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