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Q: How many points is a tau commander battlesuit?
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What size is the Tau XV88 Broadside Battlesuit?

it's about 3,5" tall.

What do you get in a tau battle force?

a devilfish, a crisis battlesuit, 12 fire warriors, 12 kroot carnivores, 4 gun drones

How many points is a Tau Battleforce?

The Tau Battleforce is about 600-700, which is good for starting an army, or boosting one.

What are the rules for a Tau XV9 Battlesuit?

It will vary depending on their war gear. Due to copyrights, we can't answer any questions on rules, so I encourage you to buy and read the codex for your answer.

What is the biggest Battleforce in Warhammer 40k based on points?

The Tau Battleforce.

How many pages does Tau Zero have?

Tau Zero has 208 pages.

What is the meaning behind the 5 points of the Zeta Tau Alpha crown?

Its meaning is only for initiated members.

What is the motto of Sigma Tau Delta?

The motto of Sigma Tau Delta is 'Sincerity, Truth, Design'.

How big is a tyranid hive tyrant?

if you meant the model itself than it has a medium base and is about the size of a tau crisis battlesuit. If you meant if it where real than quite big.

What tactics can you recommend for Eldar against Imperial Guard Tau and Dark Angels?

Eldar; Use lots of Howling Banshees. Tau; Groups of Fire warriors and Commander Shadowsun Imperial guard; Keep 5 Basilisks behind the lines and keep shooting across the map.

How many hair of the tau gamma phi?


How many paddles in tau gamma in 2011?