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That's difficult to answer. Every major city, most other cities, and even some very small cities have a police department. Then there are county sheriff's or county officers in every county.

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How many police departments in New Jersey?

450 police departments

How many city's have police departments in Oregon?

According to Wikipedia, there are 131 city police departments in Oregon.

Is it illegal to use real police departments in books?

No. Many books and movies portray actual police departments.

How many police departments in Florida?

There are a total of 141 police departments in the state of Florida. The largest of those is the Miami-Dade Police Department.

How many police departments are there?

There are about 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, including police departments, sheriff's offices, state police organizations, and federal agencies.

How many police departments in riverside county?


Do police have helicopters?

yes, many police departments have helicopters. Soon they will have drones too

Police department in US that allows auxilary police to carry firearms?

Many departments in many states (but not all) follow this practice. The research is too lengthy and often-times unreliable or unavailable.

What division in a police department investigates police corruption?

In many police departments, that would be the Internal Affairs Division.

How many municipal POLICE DEPARTMENTS ARE THERE IN New Jersey?


Are Many police departments are turning to a flat organizational structure for the sake of efficiency?

it depends on the police departments to make it efficiency. If u want to ask them call them.

What did police think of Thompson gun?

They must have liked them since many were sold to police departments.

What departments are in a police station?

Almost impossible to answer. While many police departments are housed in their own building(s), many others share space in a Municipal Center, or other type multi-use building, which may house MANY departments of municipal or state government.

How many years of police acdamy do you have to have to become a police officer?

It depends on the jurisdiction but typically anywhere from 8-12 weeks for local police and around 26 weeks for most large departments like Chicago or state police departments.

How many police departments use German Shepherds as police dogs?

Most of the police departments have the dogs but they are not always German Shepard, they just have to be trained right, normally they have at least a little German Shepard in them though

What citys in the us have police departments?

ALL cities - indeed - ALL jurisdictions in the United States are patrolled by some type of law enforcement agency. Most large cities have their own established Police Departments but there are still some who are patrolled by Sheriff's Departments.

Who is the most senior officer of police?

The answer depends on which specific department. In many departments it is a Police Chief, but that is one title among many.

Who has word over police departments?

Police chief.

Top ten police departments in us?

The Number One Rated Department In The US IS WSP (Washington State Patrol)

How many police officers are usually in a police station?

Smaller departments may have as little as zero or one officer(s) in a station, while larger departments may have twenty officers in a station.

What are the contrasting roles and functions of municipal and county police departments?

contrasting the roles and functions of municipal and county police departments

Did they have police from 1500's to 1750's?

Yes,In fact,they have many departments of police for different crimes.

Can a twin rivers police take you to jail?

To which (where) Twin Rivers Police Department are you referring? There are many Twin Rivers Police Departments across the country.

do police departments post jobs online?

Most police departments do post job opportunities online. Job listings for police departments can typically be found on the city's website and include requirements of the position and instructions for how to apply.

Who maintains social order?

Many public departments are responsible for social order. Police departments, fire departments, and the military are all examples of departments responsible to ensuring that the public obey laws and keep social order.