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There are an estimated 5.2M installed inground pools in the united states

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How many swimming pools in France?

Dumb question. People have swimming pools there. How many swimming pools in the US?

How many commercial pools are in the US?

There are 270,000 commercial pools in the USA.

How many Intex Pools are sold in the United States?

Ok, how many seasonal pools, or disposable pools are sold annually in the US?

How many above ground pools are in the US?

Nobody can completely answer this.

US word for swimming pools?

The US word for swimming-pools is natatoria

How many pools in the US are electrically heated?

How many should have been electrically heated.

How many private pools are in the US?

There are about 4 3/4 million in-ground Pools and 3 3/4 Million above-ground

How many in ground pools are there in the US?

There are more than 3,000,000 inground swimming pools in the U.S. Wow! That's alot of pool care!

How many swimming pools are there in the US?

According to USA Swimming and the National Swimming Pool Foundation there are 10 million Swimming Pools in the United States, with 360,000 Public Pools that stay open all year.

How many syllables does vernal pools have?

Vernal pools has three syllables.

How many backyards pools are in Australia?

There are 26,830 backyard pools in Austrailia.

How many swimming pools are there in Arizona?

== == In Arizona we have approximately 615,000 swimming pools.

How many swimming pools are there at the White House?

There are 2 pools in the white house

How many pools are there on the norwegian epic?

There are two pools and six hot tubs!

Which is the best liner for inground pool?

Shelley Hill Pools has over 40 years of experience providing beautiful quality pools in the Hudson Valley area. Our focus on quality and aesthetics has made us one of the leading providers of high-end pools in the community, which is why we are the top choice for many of your neighbors. you can look us up at shelleyhillswimmingpools.com

How many swimming pools are there in Michigan?

Well there are believe it or not Over 900 Pools in Michigan.

Are fiber glass pools superior to concrete?

I am a big fan of Fiberglass pools. I have had vinyl liner pools and concrete pools. Fiberglass pools are easy to clean, they manitain chemical balance better, and the surface does not need to be refinished as often as concrete pools. The only downside is that the surface of fiberglass pools can be a bit more slippery than concrete but that has not caused any problems for us.

How do swimming pools help us?

They help in many ways. They provide a place to play and have fun. They also are a way to exercise.

How can you find hotel with private pool in the US?

type "hotels with private pools in the US."

How many kids under 5 drown in pools and spas per year?

Almost 300 US Children Under Age 5 Drown in Pools and Spas Each Year. Veiw the upcoming pool safety.com.

Who in Toronto builds inground swimming pools?

There are many people in Toronto who build in-ground swimming pools. These include Gib-Sans Pools, GibSan, San Juan Fiberglass, and Leisure Pools Online.

How many Olympic sized swimming pools in US?

There are to many to count since a pool just has to be 50 meters in length and 2.5 m wide lanes

Can salt water pools cause itching?

Yes, saltwater pools can cause itching, although many find saltwater pools to be easier on skin than chlorinated ones.

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