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your whole body weight so like 400lbs

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Q: How many pounds can polar bear lift?
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How many pounds does the female polar bear weigh?

Female polar bears weigh between 450 to 700 pounds or more.

Can a polar bear lift a killer whale?

NO WAY! Many a peice of a dead one!!but that's it!!

How many wounds can a polar bear give you?

oh , that's simple. A polar bear can kill you.

How many pounds of lift does a gallon jug lift in water?

About 8.4 pounds.

How many syllables in polar bear?

Polar bear is two separate words. In total, there are 3syllables:po/lar (2 syllables)bear (1 syllable)

Is a polar bear harmful?

Polar bear supremacy has been an issue for many years now but thanks to affirmative action the black bear is no longer oppressed.

How many pounds can a bear weigh?

Grizzlies can weigh up to a thousand pounds. Kodiak bears (Alaskan Grizzly Bears) can get as large as 1500 pounds. Polar bears are approximately the same size as Kodiaks, and can also weigh as much as 1500 pounds.

To what animal is the polar bear related?

There are a number of animals that the polar bear is related to. Some of the common ones include panda, black bears, sloth bears and so many others. The brown bear is the polar bear's closest relative.

How many populations of polar bears remain in the Arctic?

There are 19 polar bear populations there.

How many predators does a polar bear have?

There is only one species that hunts polar bears, and that is man.

How many polar bears in a polar bear family?

there are no different sorts of polar bears, like there are different sorts of cats. There are only the stages of life a polar bear goes through, from cub to adult.

How many types of polar bear are there?

There is only one