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about 900 million trillion trilion pounds, i think

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Q: How many pounds do the earth weight?
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If you weight 72 pounds on earth how many ounces do you weigh on the moon?

11.52 pounds

Object on earth weigh 300newton what is its weight in pounds?

This object has a weight on Earth of 67.5 pounds.

How many pounds would you weigh on the moon if you weigh 60 pounds on earth?

10.02 pounds. Take the weight and multiply it by .167 to find the "Moon weight"

If you weight 300 pounds on space how much will you weight on earth?

3000 pounds

How much will you weight on the moon if you weight 96 pounds on earth?

It is 15.86 pounds

What would you weight be on Uranus if your weight on earth is 100 pounds?

88.9 pounds

One killogram equals about how many pounds?

The weight of a one-kilogram mass on the earth is about 2.2 pounds.

How many pounds on the moon equals 250 pounds on earth?

Moon weight is approximately 1/6 of Earth weight. So 250 divided by 6 is about 41.5. Nice diet!

If you are 35 pounds how many kilos are you?

1 kilogram weighs 2.20462 pounds (on the earth) 35 pounds is the weight of (35 / 2.20462) = 15.876 kilograms (on earth, rounded)

How do you work out how much a astront that weighs 27 pounds on the moon how much does he weigh on earth?

-- To get the earth weight, multiply the moon weight by 6.08 .An astronaut who weighs 27 pounds on the moon weighs 164.1 pounds on earth.-- To get the moon weight, multiply the earth weight by 0.165 .His wife, who weighs 115 pounds on earth, would weigh 19 pounds on the moon.

What if your weight on earth your weight in Jupiter what would it be about?

The gravity on Jupiter is about 2.5 that of Earth, so if you weighed 200 pounds on Earth, you would weight bout 500 pounds on Jupiter.

How much is 138.4 pounds in kilograms?

2.2 pounds is the weight of 1 kilogram, on the earth 138.4 pounds is the weight of (138.4 / 2.2) = 62.909 kg, on the earth.

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