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it ate things. Pterodactyl food

how many pounds of food can the stomach hold

the average person spends about 150 - 200 pounds a month on food. thus (200 x 12 = 2400 pounds a year on the average food shop)

over 66 billion pounds of food are consumed by the average human in 1 minute

The average person in the US eats about 6-16 pounds of food a week.

How many pounds of food you can eat before you get sick varies depending on your metabolism and the size of your stomach. A competitive eater can sometimes eat 4 to 10 pounds of food in a single sitting.

it is on average $7 to $9 per sitting

It didn't it ate its food whole

Answer :According to Adult Swim 1996 pounds!

Realistically, a person cannot eat 11 pounds of food in one day. The average person eats between 3 and 5 pounds of food per day.

80-100 pounds is the average weight of a gray wolf. They can get up to 110 pounds if they have a good food source.

On an average £50 pounds a week

How many pounds of food that an average horse will eat varies depending on the type of food offered. The average horse eats about 2 to 3 percent of his body weight in hay or forage every day. This could be up to about 20 pounds.

A cheetah eats 6 pounds of food a day on average.

An average monkey eats about 7 pounds a day.

The average adult can consume a whole lot of food in one day. The average amount that an adult eats in one day is equal to about 5 pounds of actual food.

An average Dog eats 7 cups of food a week

an average adult can hold up to five pounds of food when completely full

A large male can eat up to sixty or even seventy pounds at one sitting.

The average broiler chicken weighs 5.80 pounds at 47 days old. The average amount of food given to each broiler was 1.91 pounds to make it gain the weight over 47 days. By comparison, the average broiler chicken weighed 5.03 pounds a decade ago, 3.93 pounds thirty years ago and 2.89 pounds in 70 years ago.

a regular human being average eats about 8 pounds a day

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