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How many presidents has Mexico had?

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Mexico so far has had 88 presidents throughout all of its Republics, dating back to 1824.

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How many presidents were born in Mexico?


How many presidents of Mexico by the name Adams?

None at all.

How many presidents did Mexico have between 1824 and 1857?


How many presidents of Mexico have been named Cucaracha?


How many presidents were from New Mexico?

As far as I know, no president were born/lived in New Mexico.

Did santa anna invent Mexico?

No. He only was one of its many presidents.

Who were the Mexico Presidents in the 1800?

There are about 50 presidents. Go to Some with foreign names.

Was there any presidents born in New Mexico?

NO- no US presidents were born in New Mexico or ever lived there.

Do Canada and Mexico have presidents?

Mexico yes Canada No.

Are there female presidents in Mexico?


Do Mexico have any kings or queens or prime ministers or presidents?

Presidents only.

How is the king of Mexico?

They don't have a king. They have presidents.

Is today presidents day in Mexico?

Mexico doesn't have a "President's Day". It however, celebrates Benito Juarez's birthday on March 21st. Juarez is one of the most important and beloved presidents in Mexico.

What two presidents enacted many reforms in Mexico?

Two of them would be Benito Juarez and Lazaro Cardenas.

What year was it when Mexico had 3 presidents?

Mexico had 3 presidents in 1829, 1832, 1833, 1841, 1843, 1848, 1911, 1914, and more than 3 (if including acting presidents) in 1915. Arguably 1858 could be included. Mexico also had 4 presidents in 1839, 1846, 1847, 1853, 1859*, 1860*, and 1876, and 5 presidents in 1844 and 1855.

Are there any presidents from New Mexico?

No- there has never been a US president from New Mexico.

Which President was a Mexican?

All of the presidents of Mexico were Mexicans.

Can you give me a number of presidents did Mexico have in all?


How are presidents elected in Mexico?

Direct popular vote.

How long is one term of the president of mexico?

Six years. Presidents in Mexico cannot be reelected.

What two presidents enacted many reforms in Mexico during the early 20th century?

After the end of the Mexican revolution, Presidents Plutarco Elias Calles and Lazaro Cardenas passed many reforms to help Mexican citizens.

Who are all the Hispanic presidents of Mexico?

See related links.

President of Mexico who held a dictatorial control over the Mexican government?

There were many such "presidents". Most famous though is Porfirio Diaz.

Mexico once had three different what in the space of 24 hours?


Lista de presidentes mexicanos?

namber mexico´s presidents

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