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Q: How many pro football teams does Pennsylvania have?
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How many pro football teams are in the national Football League?

32 teams

How many pro football teams have Argentina got?

nice grammer

How many pro football teams are named after a person?

none i think.

How many pro teams have moved out of New York city?

The Giants and Dodgers baseball teams and the Jets and Giants football teams

How do pro football teams travel?

By bus.

What are all the pro football teams in?

The nfl is this a joke?

What is the value of a football signed by all the pro football teams in the league?

about $50,000 - $75,000

First pro football game?

November 12, 1892 in Pennsylvania

In pro football playoff overtime do both teams get a chance to score?


What football teams have the letter w in their name twice?

no pro team does

Which 2 Pro Football teams played in the first Pro Thanksgiving Day game?

Lions, cowboys

Favorite Pro Football Teams?

There are thirty two football teams in the NFL.AFC EASTPatriotsDolphinsJetsBillsNFC EASTCowboysGiantsRedskinsEaglesAFC NORTHBengalsSteelersRavensBrownsNFC NORTHBearsVikingsLionsPackersAFC SOUTHColtsJaguarsTexansTitansNFC SOUTHPanthersFalconsBucsSaintsAFC WESTBroncosChiefsChargersRaidersNFC WESTSeahawksCardinalsRams49ers