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Q: How many professional athletes have osgood schlatters disease?
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What are 5 names of famous athletes with osgood schlatters disease?

paul scholes

Is Osgood schlatters disease worse than Achilles heel?

Osgood schlatters disease is in fact worse than Achilles hell much worse

Is osgood schlatters disease genetic?

Osgood Schlatter Disease is a genetic disorder

Our chiropractor says calcium supplements bought from him are necessary in the treatment of osgood-schlatters is this true?

Calcium supplements (from your chiropractor or elsewhere) are not a treatment for Osgood-Schlatters disease.

How much does surgery cost for Osgood Schlatters Disease?

Its about 5K. Give or take a thousand depending on where you are.

Can you swim if you have osgood-schlatters disease?

Yes you can if of course you can swim and it isn't swelling. And if you can tough out the hurting by the tenderness.

Which pro athletes have had osgood schlatter disease?

Derek jeter

Is Osgood Schlatters disease a permanent condition?

Osgood Schatters Disease is a painful illness. It is caused by a boney bump under the knee cap that connects to the shin. It is common in young people and seems to lessen with pain over time.

Can you swim with osgood schlatters disease?

I got diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter recently, and the doctor said that swimming is one of the best things for it, as it's a non-weight-bearing sport. Try to avoid kicking, running and jumping, and these agrivate it, and put a pack of ice on. Type in 'What is osgood schlatters' to the top 'question' bar, and find more information, that i wrote, about it xxx

Are knee braces effective against Osgood Schlatters disease?

Yes, depending on the specific knee brace you get. as a sufferer of osgood i have found a knee brace to help me. i suggest you go out and find one or talk to your doctor for a good fit for you. It will help.

Should you play sport if you have Osgood- Schlatters?

My son has just been diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatters. His doctor has given him the go ahead to play soccer. His treatment is as follows: stretch prior to games and practice ice after games and practice wear a brace during games and practice take advil for pain if pain becomes severe he should stop the activity and rest Other information that I have come across on Osgood-Schlatters indicate this is the preferred method of treatment.

Can an injury to an osgood schlatters knee develop into osteoarthritis later in life?

Any injury to a joint can lead to to osteoarthritis