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Loads and loads and loads.

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Q: How many pubs are there in Dublin?
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How many pubs in Dublin?

There are hundreds of pubs in Dublin, too many to count. The pubs are one of the things that Dublin is most famous for.

How many tourist attractions are in Dublin?

Too many and not enough Pubs!!

What's the best pub in dublin?

Dublin has a huge amount of pubs and many different kinds of pubs. It depends on what you are looking for, and even then it would still be hard to mention just one.

Which Irish town has the most pubs?


What are the release dates for Historic Pubs of Dublin - 2008 TV?

Historic Pubs of Dublin - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 15 March 2008

What is the temple bar area of Dublin?

Temple Bar is an area with many pubs and restaurants, popular with young people and tourists.

Famous area in Dublin for bars?

There are pubs all over Dublin and there are some areas that have a lot of them. The place that you are referring to is called Temple Bar.

Do people in Dublin Ireland rely on tourism?

Many people do. Some of Ireland's main tourist attractions, like the Guinness factory, the Book of Kells and the Phoenix Park are in Dublin. Dublin is Ireland's largest city. The main international airport in Ireland is in Dublin, so many tourists come to Ireland through Dublin. There are a lot of people employed in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, pubs etc. in Dublin that rely on tourists. At any time of year there are tourists in Dublin, so tourism is important to the city and to many of the people in Dublin.

What is Dublin City known for?

It is known for many things. There are its wonderful Georgian buildings and other buildings. It is known for its pubs. It is known for its many writers. It is known for its history. It is known for its friendly people. See the related question below for more about Dublin.

Where are the musicians in Dublin?

You can find musicians all over Dublin. You will find them in various concert venues, theatres, pubs, nightclubs, on the streets, in recording studios and so on.

Reasons why tourists are attracted to the Dublin region?

There are many famous places in Dublin that people come to see. There is Trinity College Dublin, where the Book of Kells is found. There is the Guinness Brewery, which has public tours. People also visit the Jameson Distillery. Dublin has lots of parks, the largest being the Phoenix Park. Dublin is on the coast, so there are beaches and nice coastal towns. There are also mountains to the south of the city that people visit. From Dublin there are many nearby day trips that can be done, like to Glendalough or Newgrange. Dublin is famous for its pubs. There are many other reasons that people come to Dublin.

How much does a pint cost in Dublin?

That is not a simple question to answer. There are many beers and they have various prices. Dublin has many pubs and prices can differ from pub to pub. Night clubs and private clubs would also have their own prices, as would hotels and restaurants. The time of day can also affect the price. Some pubs increase their prices late at night, like after 11pm. €5 will buy you a pint in most pubs, but not all. That's about as close to an answer as you can get. If it is milk you are talking about, then it would be a lot cheaper!!!

What does Kehoe's Pub look like?

There are many pubs called Kehoe's in Ireland. You may be referring to the well known one in Dublin. Its photo is at the link below.

How many pubs are there in the UK?

there are heaps of pubs in the world probably about 2 to 4 million pubs.

What are some good pubs in Ireland?

Ireland has a huge amount of pubs. Even the smallest towns and villages will have pubs. So there are thousands of pubs in Ireland, and many of those are very good pubs. Depending on what part of Ireland you are in, there will be many good pubs in the area. If you are visiting Ireland, someone will tell you what are the best pubs where you are.

Where are all the corner pubs located in Nashville?

There are many pubs located in downtown Nashville. Many of the pubs feature live country music.

What is famous about Dublin?

Dublin is famous for many things, like the Guinness brewery, the Book of Kells in Trinity College, Croke Park, Kilmainham Prison, the 1916 revolution, its writers, its museums, Phoenix Park, the Spire, its Georgian architecture, its many wonderful buildings, its people, its shopping streets, U2, its music, its pubs and many, many other things.

How many bars or pubs are there in Ireland?

There are roughly 9,500 pubs on the Island.

What is the entertainment in Dublin Ireland?

Dublin is a capital city and has a full range of entertainment like shows, cinema, theatre, sports, music, concerts, pubs, tours, restaurants, street theatre, exhibitions etc.

What do you need to go tho dublin?

umbrella, raincoat, hat, good shoes, optimistic personality & lot of money for pubs.

How many Irish pubs in world?

In 1998 there was over 2,500 Irish Pubs

How many pubs are there in maidenhead?

There are current'y 59 pubs located in Maidenhead, although this figure regularly changes as pubs close and open.

What is the best traditional music pub in Dublin Ireland?

There are many good pubs in Dublin for Irish music. It depends on what you like and when you go in. You may be lucky and find a really good bit of music going on. Some of the most famous are O'Donoghues on Merrion Row, The Merchant, Oliver St. John Gogarty's, The Cobblestone and many, many others.

What are the recommended pubs that have many facilities?

Pubs will be different based on location. There are many great pubs all over the world New york city, boston, and DC have great pubs. Including the orgnial cheers pub in Boston.

Who many pubs are there in Mallorca?

Many pubs exist in Mallorca.I suppose that no one has counted all.