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they have one at a time

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Q: How many pups do female vampire bats have?
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What are baby vampire bats called?

Baby vampire bats are called pups.

What is a female bats called?

Female bats have no special name. When female bats are in hibernation, they will huddle together while awaiting for the birth of their babies which are known as pups.

How many pups can a female coyote have?

Anywhere from 1 to 9 pups...

How many babies does a female coyotes have?

Female coyote has five to six pups in a litter

How many babies can a meerkat have at once?

Meerkat females can have up to eight pups in one litter. The usual amount is four. The dominant female owns the right to be the only female who has pups. It is not uncommon for the dominant female to kill any pups that were accidentally born from another female.

How many pups can a wolf have at once?

the female will probably give birth to 4 pups in about 62 to 75 days

Who is more aggressive female or male dogs?

it depends on the type of dog if a female JUST had pups or is in the middle of having pups or has pups they can be protective

How many babies can a mother wolf have?

The pups are usually born in summer. Normally the female wolf can have 5-6 pups.

How many pups are in one litter of a female husky?

About 4-7

How many offspring do African wild dogs have?

the female has 2 to 20 pups.

How many babies do female hamsters usually have?

female hamsters usually have 3 to 6 pups per litter

Do both male and female wolves care for the pups?

yes. the male and female do take care of the puups together. the female has to milk the pups. She also needs meat. the father has to hunt. they also hve to have double protetion for the pups.

How many pups do huskies have?

6 or 5 it depend how many time u breed a female husky

What is a female seal?

Female is a cow.Male is a bull.Young are pups.

What do they call baby bats?

Baby Bats are called 'pups'

What are young bats called?

baby bats are called pups

What is a bats young called?


How many puppies can a female rottweiler have?

Rottweilers can have litters, ranging between 8-12 pups.

Can female dogs have pups after they have already had pups?

Yes they can you just have to wait until she gets in heat

How much pups can a female staffy have?

Around 1 - 6 pups is an average size litter.

How many babies does wolf have?

A wolf tends to have 2-4 pups per litter, but can be as large as 6-7. A female wolf can have up to 30 pups in her lifetime.

How many puppies does a female Rottweiler have?

A rottweiler, can have upto 12 pups in a litter; although larger litters, including one with 18 pups (in UK) have been recorded.

Can a dog have pups without mating?

No, a dog cannot have pups without mating. Mating needs to happen so the female can get pregnant with the pups.

How many puppies should a Chihuahua normally have?

The average litter in a correct female is two to four pups.actually my female chihuahua had 6 pups

What if a dog has only three pups?

It does not matter with the amount of pups your female has in a litter it can vary from 1-20