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There are 6 villains to defeat on Super Power Island.

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There is no definite number of Quests on Moshi Monsters as they will continue to add Quests as needed and there are several variations of each Quest. As far as Super Moshi Missions, Moshi Monsters generally releases 10 Super Moshi Missions each year, however, the missions now have several parts to them, so, again, no definite number as they continue to add Super Moshi Missions.

There are animals on many Poptropica islands. There is a Safari on Nabooti Island, cryptids on Cryptids Island, and in several quests. See the related questions.

You can't. That would defeat many of the challenges on the islands. Going to Super Power Island is a favorite way to beat ad-games because you can fly on most of them once you have your power. (see related question)

There are 6 escaped villains to recapture. The first 5 are Copycat, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, Ratman, and Crusher. Once you have captured them, you receive your super flying power to chase the 6th, Betty Jetty.

Adventure quest worlds has many quests

There's 150 power stars in Super Mario 64 DS.

There are 120 stars in super mario 64.

Currently there are 9844 quests in the quest database, but this includes daily quests and both Horde and Alliance quests. Alliance has 2521 quests, Horde has 2493 quests. 2674 quests are available to both factions. This tally does not keep into account class-specific quests or quests that have been made unavailable to players but are technically still in the game.

There are 30 quests for Dark Brotherhood and one Repeatable.

As far as i remember it's about 10 quests.

The original fallout has 3 tutorial quests, 11 main quests and 17 side quests. There are also 36 unmarked quests, 16 of them are repeatable. The 5 DLC adds 18 new main quests, 8 new side quests, and 7 new unmarked quests 2 of those are repeatable, making for a grand total of 57 marked quests and 43 unmarked quests.

Betty Jetty is on top of the skyscraper and you need to be able to fly to chase her. To get your flying power, catch all 5 of the other super villains using your wits. Once they are all back in prison, the phone on Main Street will ring -- answer it to receive your super flying power! (on this island only) There is an icon at the lower left that lets you turn the power on and off. Fly to the top of the building and chase Betty Jetty. If you can chase her for two minutes without being hit by too many of her green glowing orbs, then you can get close enough to knock her down. When Ned Noodlehead tackles her, he receives the Island Medallion. But get a hot dog from the park and bring it to his comic book store, and he will probably swap for it.

Approximately 120 (including unmarked quests). Not all of them can be completed in a single playthrough (eg. endgame faction quests).

You only earn one. The only power you get is flying, when you defeat all the super-villains except Betty Jetty. Next you go to the telephone and you should see it ringing. Answer it and (ta-da!) you have flying powers. They can be turned on and off with the small icon at bottom left.

There are 4, one from each super villain's dream. (see related question)

There are 6 main quests to do for the Companions, as well as occasional side quests (mini quests) you'll be asked to complete before getting to the next main quest. Due to how the game is set up, the number of quests you do might vary.

there are 10 quests so far ther will be a new one soon

The Curious Quests of Brigadier Ffellowes has 254 pages.

well the amount of quests you have to do depends on how many quest pionts you get for each one. if you want to get it done faster

The last one will always be the real one. The problem is that many overlook the one that is just above the bank vault door. This should be the first one you get.

if you are talking about betty jetty, then you just have to fly up close to her and touch her with the handcuffs. if you are talking about your ID card, than you have to capture all of them!

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