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about three! one for height, another for width, third for being the only lighthouse with 2 floors of museum like exhibits!

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How many records can be stored in the common electronic diary?

This depends on the memory size. A 128k sized memory can hold approximately 4000 records. By implication, a 64K device will hold 2000 records and a 256k device will hold 8000 records.

What records do the Beatles hold as entertainers?

They set many records on their way.

How many records does Libby Trickett hold?

Currently, she has no world records.

How many records can Oracle Database hold?

It depends how much space you have left on your server; the more space you have, the more records it can hold.

Do you hold wedding at your beach or on your beach?

On the beach because you would stand/sit on the breach. But, it could also be at it.

How many records does Dara Torres hold?

She holds no Olympics or World Records.

Did Benjamin Banneker have broken world records?

what records does benjamin banneker still hold

How many world records does Michael Phelps hold?

He has five individual World records and three records as a part of a team.

Does usain bolt hold any records?

Yes, he holds records in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m.

Why did the ghost haunt the beach?

A ghost may haunt a beach because it is where they died. They may also haunt the beach because the beach hold special memories.

In Club Penguin what room does not have a game?

ski village, dojo courtyard, beach, mineshack, forest, plaza, stage, boiler room, cave, town, giftshop, sportshop, hq, crows nest, ship hold, ship deck, lighthouse, ice rink

What figure of speech is you cannot stand on the beach and hold back the tide?

You cannot stand on the beach and hold back the tide is both an analogy and a metaphor.

Does Jerry rice hold the most records?

No Brett Farve holds the most records not Jerry rice

What contains host records for a domain?

a name server would hold the records for any given domain

How do I get hold of death records for free?

I'm looking for information to help me compile my family tree. Is there any way of getting hold of death records free to help me in my project?

How do you beat Dr Finkelstein on Fantage?

you go to the lighthouse play the game hold down space and keep pressing it

How do you get gym leader out of light house in heart hold?

you can get out the gym leader on the lighthouse is bring her a secretpotion that you can get to the cianwood pharmacy

What baseball records does Hank Aaron hold?

Hank Aaron holds the MLB records for the most career runs batted in (RBI) (2,297), extra base hits (1,477), and total bases (6,856).

How many olympic records did Michael Phelps hold?

8 olympic records, 5 indiviual, 3 relays.

How many records does Wilt Chamberlain hold?

72 NBA all-time records, 63 of which he holds by himself

What is indefinite records retention?

It means (whatever source has your records) will hold on to them for an undisclosed, undetermined or undefined period of time.

What is the surname origin of Guerrera?

Medieval records of Castile, Spain, hold the earliest records of the Guerrera family name.

Who holds the Olympic records?

It depends on the record your interested in. online you get get hold of documents online that state all the records

What is an example of a piling?

The posts that hold up a boardwalk at the beach

What players in NFL hold records?

There are many players in the NFL that currently hold records. Records are often broken. As of July 2013 George Blanda holds the record for the most seasons played. He also holds the record for the most decades played.

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