How many records has Whitney Houston sold worldwide?

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Whitney Houston has sold 220,000,000 this makes her the best selling African American female singer of all time.
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How many books are sold worldwide?

There are billions of different books that sell world-wide. Thesebooks are books of all different genres with all differentmessages.

Who has sold more records worldwide Madonna or Mariah Carey?

Madonna has sold more than 205 million albums worldwide and more than 100 singles worldwide. Guinness World Records listed her as the world's most successful female recording artist of all time. In the US, Madonna is the 2nd best selling female artist ever after Barbra Streisand for albums: ( Full Answer )

How many octives can Whitney Houston sing?

Yes, she can still sing. Her voice may have weakened throughout the years, but again, all voices will naturally weaken and change in range and strength.. Check out her preformances at the Pre-Grammy awards in 2009 which proves she can still sing at a 2000/2001 level at least!

Is Whitney Houston recording a new CD?

On August 31, 2009, Whitney Elizabeth Houston [b. August 9, 1963] released her most recent album, 'I Look To You'. The album's first two singles were 'I Look To You' and 'Million Dollar Bill'. The album quickly filled the number 1 spot on Billboards 200 albums chart. So Houston has been busy promoti ( Full Answer )

How many children did Whitney Houston have?

Whitney Houston had only one child; Bobbi Kristina. Her daughter Bobbi was born to Whitney and her ex-husband, the singer Bobby Brown on March 4, 1993.

How many Whitney Houston questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 100 Whitney Houston FAQ on WikiAnswers. This is actually not unusual: when a celebrity dies, or when something out of the ordinary happens in their life, questions about that person increase.

How many albums have the who sold worldwide?

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, and their introduction when playing at the 2010 Superbowl, they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

How many records has ayumi hamasaki sold worldwide?

Approximately 75 million, if you count all the shipments made by her company to varying countries across the globe. The foreign nations who import her products the most are Taiwan , Hong Kong, S. Korea and Thailand. Not sure about this but she has sold some records in South East Asian countries like ( Full Answer )

How many records sold for Whitney Houston in 2009?

2009 whitneys back catalogue sales are as Whitney Houston 45000 copies ww Whitney 15000 copies sold ww Im your baby tonight 2000 copies sold ww The Bodyguard soundtrack 35000 copies sold The Preachers Wife 3500 copies sold ww Whitney Houston greatest hits/Ultimate collection 75000 copies sold just W ( Full Answer )

How many songs does Whitney Houston have?

A House Is Not A Home A Song For You - from 'I Look To You' After We Make Love - from IYBT. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - from CW Ain't No Way - from CW Alfie - from CW All The Man That I Need - from IYBT All At Once - from debut All In The Name Of Love - background vocals ( Full Answer )

Who sold more albums Whitney Houston or Barbra Streisand?

Barbra Streisand sold more records than Whitney, according to the RIAA. Streisand is the top female artist. . STREISAND, BARBRA. 71.5. STREISAND, BARBRA. 71.5. STREISAND, BARBRA. 71.5. Streisand 71.5 Million

How many records has Metallica sold worldwide?

Metallica has released ninestudio albums, two live albums, two EPs, twenty-four music videos, and forty-five singles. The band has won nine Grammy Awards, and has had five consecutive albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200 , making Metallica the only band, other than the Dave Matthews Band ( Full Answer )

How many Grammys did Whitney Houston win?

She was nominated on twenty different occasions over the years, and she won six Grammy awards. Her first Grammy came in 1986, for Best Pop Vocal Performance (the song "Saving All My Love For You"). She won again in 1988, in the same category (for the song "I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me"). ( Full Answer )

How many songs has Whitney Houston made?

If you are talking about how many songs she recorded, certainly in a career of several decades, it was more than a hundred. She had six studio albums, songs on several movie soundtracks, did a Christmas album, and also recorded live albums. And there are usually out-takes from each recording session ( Full Answer )

How many copies of i look to you Whitney Houston album sold?

It has sold 2,600,00 copies world wide. It went platinum in 7 countries, and gold in 8. It debuted in the United States at #1 with opening week sales of over 500,00 and became Whitney's 4th chart topping album, extending her lead among female performers. Bizarrely, although this album outsold most o ( Full Answer )

How many records has drake sold worldwide?

drake (I'm assuming is the name of a person) could mean many people, due to many people have drake as a name. If you could be more specific, people might be able to answer your question.

How many records has Chaka khan sold worldwide?

It is estimated Chaka Khan has sold at least 20 million albums, but that is only taking into account album sale totals from the year of their releases. A recount of her album sales from soundscan would be needed for a more accurate total.

How many siblings did Whitney Houston have?

She had one birth brother named Michael Houston, a step sister named Alana Houston and two stepbrothers named Gary Garland and John Russell Houston III.

How many songs did Whitney Houston sing?

This is a difficult question to answer, if you are asking about her entire life: she began singing in church when she was a child, and also sang with her mother, a well-respected gospel vocalist. We may assume she knew how to sing many songs, having grown up around music throughout her childhood and ( Full Answer )

How many miscarriages has Whitney Houston had?

There is only one that can be verified: according to magazine reports, Whitney Houston suffered a miscarriage in December 1996. As for information about other miscarriages, it is difficult to say, since the other stories are based on tabloid rumors, and there is no accurate way to fact-check those c ( Full Answer )

How many brother did Whitney Houston have?

She had one biological brother (Michael) plus two half-brothers: one from her mother's first marriage (Gary) and one from her father's first marriage (John III).

How many brothers and sisters did Whitney Houston have?

She had one biological brother (Michael), plus two half-brothers (Gary, from her mother's first marriage; and John, from her father's first marriage); plus a half-sister (Alana) from her father's next marriage (he seems to have been married three times).

How many times was Whitney Houston pregnant?

We know she had one child, and we also know she had at least one miscarriage. There are tabloid rumors that say she had several other miscarriages, but this is difficult to verify.

When did Whitney Houston get her first record deal?

While Whitney did, in fact, record in 1977 as a 14 year-old as a back up singer on a record "Life's A Party" and at 15 on Chaka Khan's "I'm every Woman" mother Cissy insisted high school be the priority. MANY record deals were offered to her but to no avail as her mother was protective of Whitney's ( Full Answer )

How many sisters does Whitney Houston have and what are their names?

According to court papers, Alana Houston, was not Whitney's biological sister, but a step-sister from her dad John's third marriage. Her brother Michael was her biological brother since he and Whitney had the same mother and father. Gary Garland Houston (same mother) and John III (same father) were ( Full Answer )

How many no 1 hits has Whitney Houston had?

She had a total of 11, spanning the mid-1980s through 1995. Her first #1 was "Saving All My Love for You," in 1985; her biggest was "I Will Always Love You," which remained at #1 for 14 weeks, beginning in late 1992.

Have many millions of dollars does Whitney Houston have?

When she died, it was estimated that her estate was worth about $20 million. It was left, in its entirely, to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, although it was set up as a trust, so that she does not receive it all at once.

How many Guinness World Records does Whitney Houston hold?

In 2009-2010, Whitney Houston was cited by the Guiness Book ofWorld Records as "the most awarded female artist of all time"-- bythen, she was the recipient of 415 career awards, including Emmys,Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards. Then,after she died in 2012, she received anot ( Full Answer )

What was Whitney Houston last record out?

By most accounts, the last song she recorded was "Celebrate," a duet with Jordin Sparks, scheduled to be used for the closing credits of the movie "Sparkle," in which Whitney was one of the stars. The song was written by R. Kelly, and recorded in early February 2012, just several weeks before her un ( Full Answer )

When did Whitney Houston record How Will I Know?

Whitney Houston recorded the track How Will I know in 1985. It was the third single released from Houston's debut album "Whitney Houston". The track was well received and reached the number one position in the US Billboard chart.

How many husbands did Whitney Houston have?

Whitney Houston had a number of relationships, but she was only married once-- to rap and r&b singer Bobby Brown. The couple had one daughter. By all accounts, their marriage was very contentious, and it ended in divorce.