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How many represenatives are there in each state?

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Each State's number of representatives are base on their population, while the number of Senate each state have is always two.

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How do we decide how many how many represenatives each state gets in the house of represenatives?

2 years Edit: The number of representative each state has is base on their population.

How many represenatives should each state at least have?


How many Represenatives are in each state?

The number of Representatives from each state is calculated based upon the state's population.

How many Represenatives are there from each state?

The number of rep resentatives is determined by (roughly) the population of the state.

What is the fewest number of represenatives a state can have?

Each state has at least 2 state representatives.

How many represenatives from each state?

It depends. Representatives are based on state populations. So bigger states have more representatives.

How many represenatives per state?

Depends on the population of the state .

How many senators how many represenatives in congress?

two senatos per state ans 435 reps. Reps depend on the populatioon in each state!!:) Your welcome

How many represenatives does each state send to the house of represenatives?

There are 435 members of the US House. How many come from each state depends on the population of the state. Texas has 32, Utah has 3. The greater the population relative to other states, the greater the number of Reps each state gets. And, number of Reps is redistributed every 10 years, based on the census. In contrast, each state gets 2 US Senators, regardless of state population.

How many represenatives does Iowa have?

depends on the population on the state

Is each state represented in the house of Represenatives?

All states are represented in the House based on population of the state.

How many state represenatives does New York have?

I believe they have 29.

How many represenatives does Tennessee send to the state house of representatives?

It has 99 State Representatives.

How many members are in the Houe of Represenatives?

There are 435 members of the US House of Representatives. The number of representatives from each state is based on the state's population.

How many represenatives does Kansas have?

Kansas has six (6) State Representatives.

Who are Utahs house of represenatives?

how many represenatives are in utah's house of represenatives

How many house of represenatives does each state has?

7Alabama 1Montana1Alaska3Nebraska8Arizona3Nevada4Arkansas2New Hampshire53California13New Jersey7Colorado3New Mexico5Connecticut29New York1Delaware13North Carolina25Florida1North Dakota13Georgia18Ohio2Hawaii5Oklahoma2Idaho5Oregon19Illinois19Pennsylvania9Indiana2Rhode Island5Iowa6South Carolina4Kansas1South Dakota6Kentucky9Tennessee7Louisiana32Texas2Maine3Utah8Maryland1Vermont10Massachusetts11Virginia15Michigan9Washington8Minnesota3West Virginia4Mississippi8Wisconsin9Missouri1Wyoming

How is the number of House representative members determined?

the number of represenatives for each state is based on that states population

How many represenatives are there in Texas?

The State House has 150 and the US House has 32.

How many electoral college votes are there per state?

i live in Indiana and we have 11 but it all depends on how many represenatives that that state has

Each member of the house of represenatives represents how many people?

Approximately 600,000.

Two state represenatives?


What does the census have to do with the number of representatives per state?

every state gets a certain number of represenatives depending on the states population. the bigger the population a state has the more represenatives it has

What is the sole factor in determining the number of represenative each state is entitled to have in the US house of represenatives?

Population is the factor used.

Who are the Illinois State Represenatives?

Kayla battle

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