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There are 18 aquatic species on the endangered species list.

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How many animal species in India are endangered?

There are about 316 animals on the endangered species list. Of these, 6 of them are on the critically endangered list.

How many animals are on the endangered species list?

There are thousands of animals on the endangered species list and still counting.

How long has the leopard been on the endangered species list?

As a species, leopards are not endangered. But many subspecies are. See IUCN Redlist for list of endangered leopard sub species.

What endangered species live in Florida?

There are many different species that are endangered in Florida. 8 species of ammphibians endangered 1 species of arachnids endangered 23 species of birds endangered 11 species of clams endangered 8 species of coralsm jellyfish and sea anemones endangered 25 species of crustaceans endangered 33 species of fishes endangered 18 species of insects endangered 15 species of mammals endangered 53 species of plants endangered 9 species of reptiles endangered 13 species of snails endangered

How many lizards are endangered?

Not all reptiles types have been evaluated as endangered, many are still in process. Right now 134 species are listed as endangered.

Are the golden eagles in the endangered list?

A species found in many parts of the world, golden eagles are not an endangered species.

How many species of rhino are endangered?

The IUCN Red List identifies three rhinocerous species as "critically endangered".

How many endangered species were on the red list in 2008?

228 species according to the red list stats table

What is endangered mean?

Endangered Species means that the species has a very small population and is at a great, or greater risk of becoming extinct. Many species that become extinct never make it to the endangered species list. This is according to the Endangered Species Act

How many grey wolves where there till they where put on the endangered species list?

The species has recovered from low numbers in the 60's, and is not an endangered species now.

How many animals are almost extinct?

In the United States alone, there are 496 animals listed on the endangered species list, and 735 plants listed on the endangered species list.

How many New Zealand animals endangered?

There are many, many New Zealand animals, birds and reptiles which are endangered. The list includes the kiwi, tuatara, kakapo, kokako and takahe. However, for a fuller listing, look at the following: and

Why are beavers on the endangered species list?

Beavers are on the endangered species list because 200 years ago, man use to hunt beaver and they have so many predators and they can not move fast on land.

Are all whales extinct?

No, not all whales are extinct. Many species however, are becoming more and more endangered and are on the Endangered Species list.

How many years have grizzlies been on the Endangered Species List?

A subspecies of the brown bear, the species is listed as 'Least Concern" by the IUCN. Not endangered.

How many koalas are endangered?

None. As of 2013, koalas have not yet been added to the "Endangered species" list.

A list of endangered species in Britain?

There are far too many endangered species in Britain to list here. To find out the complete list, check out the United Kingdom's Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP) for more information.

How many endangered species are there in Washington DC?

== == According to the FWS Endangered Species List, Virginia has 65 listings. This is a current report 10/08.

How many insect species are on the endangered species list?

about 20 types and in la i woulod say a third of that

Are sharks endangered or not?

Many species of shark are endangered and some are threatened. (Click Red list link below)

Do endangered species exist?

Yes of course they do. Thousands (literally) of species are on the endangered species list and unfortunately, many more are dying out than we can keep up with. See the related link to learn about how endangered species are classified, what the classifications mean and other such information in regards to endangered species.

What animals are on the endangered list?

Many animals are on the endangered species list, like red pandas, hawks, koalas, certain frogs, and peregrine falcons.

Is the Banded Pipefish endangered?

Banned Pipefish commonly refers to Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus. This species is not endangered. There are not many species of pipefish that are listed as endangered, currently 47 are on the IUCNs red list, however there are hundreds of species of pipefish.

How many endangered animals do you think there are in the world?

There are now 41,415 species on the IUCN Red List, and 16,306 of them are endangered species threatened with extinction. This is up from 16,118 last year. This includes both endangered animals and endangered plants.

Are sea lions on the endangered species list?

how many sea lions get killed in a day

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