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The number of representatives per state in the house depends on the state's population. States with the lowest population has only one representative in the house, while California which is the most populous state, has 53 representatives.

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Q: How many respresentitives does each state have in the house?
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How many senators from the upper house does each state have?

Each state has two senators.

How many of congress do each state have?

Each state has a total of 2 for the senate and the house is based on population.

How many representative does you each state have in the house of representatives?


How many representatives are there in the house of representatives for each state?


How many from each state is represented in the Senate?

There is two people from each state. However, the House bases its attendance on state population.

How many people serve in the senate and house of representatives?

100 Senators (2 for each state, no matter state population)435 elected House Members (# for each state varies by state population)

How many repersentatives would each state have in the senate?

It is two for every state, no matter what. However, in the House of Representatives, it varies based on population.

How many representatives is each state guaranteed for the House of Representatives?


What determines how many members represented in each state in the house?

however many representative their are

How many members are in the house?

In the house of representatives there are 435 members. Unlike the senate that has 2 members for each state in the house some states may only have 1 representative while others have 18 or more. The amount each state has depends on its population, after each census the number of representatives for each state is adjusted.

How many House of Rep does each state have?

Depends on the State's population. House of Representatives designation is determined proportionally, via Census information.

The number of presidential electors for each state is determined by how many members the state has in both house of?