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Each state did and does have exactly two votes - that is, two senators - in the the part of Congress called the Senate.

The representatives in Congress have a vote for every "so many" people in the state, each vote being used by one representative.

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Every state has two senators in the U.S. Senate and at least one representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. The total number of Representatives is fixed at 435. Every 10 years the U.S. Census Bureau takes a census of the population in each state. The 435 representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives is then reapportioned among the 50 states based on the population in each state.

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Q: How many votes did each state have in the Congress?
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If a state has two Senators and one Representative in Congress how many Presidential electors in the Electoral College does it have?

21 votes-all 21 votes have to be for one person the votes cannot be splitThree. A state has one vote in the Electoral College for each Representative and one for each Senator representing that state in Congress.

How many electoral votes does Oregon have and why?

Oregon currently (in 2012) has 7 votes in the Electoral College. The number of votes each state has is equal to its total number of Senators (two per state) and Representatives (allocated according to the state's population) in Congress.

How many votes needed in congress to confirm secretary of state?


How are the electorals divided per state?

Each state is apportioned a number of representatives based on state population. Population is determined every 10 years with a census. In conjunction with state representatives, each state is given 2 senators to represent them in congress. The number of representatives plus the number of senators equals the number of electorial votes each state is given.

How many votes equal one electoral vote?

The state picks delegates who cast electoral votes for a state based upon the which canadiate won the popular vote in that state.

How many electoral votes does n.c. have today?

10 votes each state

How many delegates to congress could each state have?

Each state can have 2 delegates to Congress.

Each state would get how many votes?

I dknowknow

How many delegates to congress votes states have?

States don't have "delegates to Congress," they have Representatives and Senators. Territories have non-voting delegates. The number of Representatives a State has is determined by its population. They each have two Senators.

When the house of representatives votes for the president how many votes do they get?

Each state gets one vote

How many electoral votes would a state with 43 representatives have?

Assuming these 43 representatives were 41 members of congress and 2 senators, the state would have 43 electoral votes.

How many electoral votes is one state allowed?

Each state has a different number. I have placed a link with a picture showing how many each state has.