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There are at least 5570 restaurants in London, this figure is the result of an on line search of the London Yellow Pages phonebook.

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Q: How many restaurants in London England?
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Is London Town in London England?

Yes. London Town is in London England and once there you will have the time of your life. There are many shops, restaurants and entertainment for the whole family.

What are the top London restaurants?

There are many restaurants in the London, England area. However, two restaurants that stand out among the rest is Hix and Little Bay. These two are very popular among local residents.

How do you watch the Super Bowl in London England?

You can watch from one of the many London bars/restaurants that will be screening the event live.

What happens at the royal exchange in London?

The Royal Exchange in London, England, is a retail center with shops, cafes and restaurants.

How many international restaurants are in London?

To many to count.

How many restaurants in the shard London?


What are some high end restaurants in London England?

Some high end restaurants in London have Michelin stars. These include Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, and Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, and Hibiscus.

How many michelin star restaurants does london have?


How many KFC restaurants are there in London?

enough :P

Where can one find the best restaurants in London?

Many travel websites offer lists of best restaurants in London where one can see what kind food those restaurants offer and what are their addresses.

How many thai resturants London?

According to Tripadvisor, there are 386 Thai restaurants in London.

How many miles is Manchester England from London?

Manchester, England is about 200 miles from London, England.

What restaurants are open in London Ontario Christmas?

Not many restaurants are going to be open in London, Ontario on Christmas day. Two restaurants that are open include Little Bay Restaurant and The Cinnamon Club.

How many miles from London England is Hereford England?

London, England and Hereford, England are about 135 miles apart.

Does England have restaurants?

Yes, there are lots of restaurants throughout England.

Who is the CEO of Covent Garden Restaurants at the present time?

The Covent Garden is a district within London, England, rather than a restaurant. It is situated in the west end of London, between St. Martin and Drury Lane. There are many shops, and restaurants within this area each individually owned and operated

What restaurants in central London offer a diabetic menu?

There are a bunch of restaurants that offer a diabetic menu in London. There are sushi, diabetic, and vegetarian restaurants. Famous restaurants in London that offer a diabetic menu are Chowki and Mildreds.

How many luxury restaurants are there in London?

There is no real definition of a 'luxury' restaurant.

How many restaurants does Westfield shopping centre in London have?

50 I think :)

How many days does t take to get from London to southern England by car?

London is IN southern England.

How many cities in London?

London England is a city, there are no other 'cities' in London.

How many miles to get to Birmingham England to London England?

Check the link below, "Birmingham to London", for a map and directions from Birmingham to London.

How are the restaurants in London?


Are there any hills in London England?

There are many hills in the suburbs of London.

How many land miles are between London England and Dublin Ireland?

How many land miles are between London England and Dublin Ireland?