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it was about 63 rings and 4 large rings.

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Jupiter is known to have 4 sets of rings: the halo ring, the main ring, the Amalthea gossamer ring, and the Thebe gossamer ring.

=Jupiter has one ring going all around it.=

Jupiter which has 62 moons but does not have ring while Saturn has ring and it has 33 moons.

Jupiter has a faint ring system, but I'm not sure about the colors.

No it does not. Saturn is the planet that has the ring.

There is no sign of extraterrestrial life on Jupiter.

4.Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

no i don't think that Jupiter has ring

No Jupiter does not have any rings at all!

Jupiter has a feint ring system, made from dust, small rocks and ice.

No it does not actually Jupiter has 4 rings. They are the Halo Ring, the Main Ring, the Amalthea Gossamer Ring, and the Thebe Gossamer Ring

The biggest planet in our solar system is Jupiter. This planet has ring around it; the ring is the form of many rocks flood in the atmosphere. Jupiter is the 5th planet count from the Sun.

Yes, Jupiter has some faint rings.

black is the color of the ring of Jupiter

Voyager 1 & 2 detected a faint ring around Jupiter, however it has not been named, it is just referred to as the Jovian ring.

Well, Jupiter dose not have colored bands, there just rocks.

Jupiter has a thin ring which is composed of three parts: a main ring, a halo, and an outer ring. Also, Jupiter has a three inner moons. These moons, named Metis, Adrastea, and Thebe, along with Amalthea.

Jupiter has a BIG red spot on it. Jupiter has a very, very dim ring system. Jupiter also has 16 moons.

Yes Jupiter has rings but nothing that compares to Saturn

Jupiter has a faint ring system comprised of three main rings: an inner torus, known as the halo, a relatively bright main ring, and an outer gossamer ring.You cannot see the rings of Jupiter with the naked Eye. They are too thin.Jupiter has a set of faint rings.

Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus,and Neptune have a ring and a moon.

Yes, Jupiter has a faint ring system. The rings are called:the halo ringthe main ringAmaltheaThebeThe last two are named for the satellites that are believed to contribute the dust that makes up that ring.

Four planets have a ring system * Jupiter * Saturn * Uranus * Neptune

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