How many rivers in chhattisgarh?

Rivers of Chhattisgarh

Four drainage system in the state, mainly river Ganga, Godavari, the Narmada. Under the Mahanadi, Shivnath, Arpa, Indravati, Sabri, Leelagr, Hsdo, starch, Parry and Sondur major rivers. River is the lifeline of Chhattisgarh. Other major rivers except the rivers of Bastar in Chhattisgarh - Sivanath, Arpa, Hsdo, Sondur, leeches etc. along the Mahanadi river becomes part of. Mahanadi and its tributaries 58.48 percent of the entire state's water withdraw. To know more about rivers visit It has given various beautiful waterfalls and dams to Chhattisgarh and it is considered as Chhattisgarh Picnic Spots.