How many rulers of Egypt were there?

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The Kings of Egypt were not called Pharaohs by the ancient Egyptians. This word was used by the Greeks and Hebrews, and today is commonly used for the ancient Kings of Egypt. We really do not know how many kings ruled in Egypt, for at times in its ancient past the country was split up, and there were at least several kings at the same time. There was also probably kings who ruled regions of Egypt before recorded history, and in fact, several ancient historians record legendary Pharaohs who became Egyptian gods.

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When was Nefertiti ruler of Egypt?

She was wife of the king between 1370 BC and 1330 BC, although she never ruled Egypt in her own right, not that we know of anywhere.

Who was the first ruler of Egypt?

The first "known" ruler of Egypt after Upper & Lower Egypt is Narmer c. 3150 BC. Narmer is believer to be the same person as Menes and to have unified Upper & Lower Egypt. This was in the Archaic period and start of the First Dynasty of Egypt.

Who were the most famous rulers of Egypt?

Since i dont know ALL of name a few of my favorites and some of the most famous. Queen Hatshepsut. King Tutankhamen (or King Tut). Ramses II (or Ramses the Great). Queen Nefertiti. King Seti I. Queen Cleopatra. Well I hope that helped!

What was the name of the first ruler of Egypt?

At current archaeologists believe that Narmer was the first pharaoh in Egypt. Some however think that there was possibly a ruler before Narmer. The first might also by Ramses the 2nd.

Who was the last ruler of Egypt?

the last ruler of egypt was queen cleoparta.But they gotinvaded by the romans who knows what happend after that.

Who was the youngest ruler of Egypt?

King Tut, or Tutankhamun, was the youngest pharaoh to rule Egypt.He was a boy king, living only to 11 years of age. His body wasdiscovered in the 1920s, and was exhibited all over the world as acuriosity.

Who was the first ruler of ancient Egypt?

archaeologist believe it is The Narmer Palette, also known as the Great Hierakonpolis Palette or the Palette of Narmer , but they are not sure it is hard to tell because it was thousands years ago sorry hope this helps. Narmer, Menes, or the 'Scorpion King'.

Who was the best ruler of Egypt?

King menes Probably i mean he re-united ancient Egypt and brought them back to glory all the other rulers didnt do anything but build pyramids for themselfs and cause wars and suffering.

Was tutankhumen a ruler of Egypt?

Yes! He ruled in the New Kingdom, 18th dynasty and between 1323 BC- 1333 BC. He became ruler at 9 as his father died when he was 5. Tutankhamun was heir to the throne. He died at 18, (he was already married) because of an infection in the leg.

Was Cleopatra the sole ruler of Egypt?

yes but it is known that Cleopatra`s other sister sibling ruled before her but were executed for overthrowing their father.

Who were the rulers of Egypt in 750 to 663 bc?

750BC is part of the Third intermediate period where there is confusion over who really ruled Egypt. Towards the end of the period from 724-712BC the principal sovereigns were: Tefnakhte and Bochoris. then followed the Late Period which lasted from 712BC to 332BC with two overlapping dynasties:. T ( Full Answer )

Who was thw last ruler of Egypt?

I suppose it would have been Cleopatra VII (51-30 b.c) as she was the last ruler before Egypt was annexed by the Roman Empire; although she was of Greek descent, making Nectanebo II (360-343 b.c) the last actual native Egyptian to become pharoah.

Were the rulers of ancient Egypt always men?

The rulers of ancient Egypt, Pharaohs, were almost all men,but there are a few women who were either actually Pharaohs, oreffectively were - and ruled ancient Egypt. Those believed to havebeen female rulers are: . Cleopatra VII - Became Pharaoh when she was about 17 years old.She had no son at t ( Full Answer )

Why was Cleopatra such a great ruler of Egypt?

Because she helped to contribute to the advancement of Egyptian currency and she was the only Ptolemic ruler that spoke the Egyptian language. And she was able to create alliances with other countries to help her settle disputes in Egypt.

Who were Egypts rulers?

there were many gods, goddesses, and pharaohs that we can't name them all but ask your teacher for a website to help you

Who was the ruler of Egypt when Abraham led the Israelits out of Egypt?

There is no tangible evidence that Moses as we know the story ever lead anyone or even existed. The Story of Moses was taken from the life story of Ahmose I, the first Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in Egypt. ISRAEL is a clue, it's a combination of Egyptian names of deities. Isis (IS) - Amen RA (RA) - ( Full Answer )

Why egypts rulers had more authority than most rulers have today?

In Ancient Egypt, the rulers had more authority than most rulershave today for a variety of reasons. The most important reason,however, is this quite simple one: the Egyptian rulers wereconsidered to be divine; that is, they were considered to be somekind of god (or goddess), and thus they occupied ( Full Answer )

What types of rulers did Ancient Egypt have?

It was a monarchy of mostly kings with the exception of a few solo female rulers. It became a part of the Roman Empire with the conquest of Alexandria and the deaths of Cleopatra and Antony

Who was the ruler of ancient Egypt before Cleopatra?

There were many queens of Egypt with the Greek name "Cleopatra" during the so-called Ptolemaic dynasty, when Macedonian Greeks ruled Egypt. Several of these did not rule separately, but were married to Macedonian "kings": Cleopatra III ruled 116 to 88 BC Cleopatra Berenice ruled 81 to 80 BC ( Full Answer )

Who is known for being a powerful female ruler in Egypt?

Hatshesput is one, who was the longest reigning female Pharaoh. She's not mentioned very much because she never really had the fame of being the last pharaoh to rule Egypt... Cleopatra, the latter mentioned, was also a powerful and influential ruler of Egypt, making alliances with Marc Antony and ( Full Answer )

Who was the Roman ruler that took over Egypt?

Octavian, later Augustus, is the Roman ruler that took over Egypt. Octavian, later Augustus, is the Roman ruler that took over Egypt. Octavian, later Augustus, is the Roman ruler that took over Egypt. Octavian, later Augustus, is the Roman ruler that took over Egypt. Octavian, later Augustus, is ( Full Answer )

What type of ruler ship did Egypt have?

It depends upon what period of history you are talking about. In ancient times, the pharoahs were absolute monarchs. Then Egypt became a province in a number of empires: Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian and Ottoman. Finally it developed its own Caliphate, the Fatimids. That came to an end a ( Full Answer )

What title did the rulers of Egypt carry?

The rulers of Ancient Egyptian dynasties were known as pharaohs . Today, the head of state of Egypt is the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt .

Which ruler is nicknamed the Farouk of Egypt?

The Farouk of Egypt is the nickname of tenth ruler and King of Egypt. Farouk of Egypt ruled from April of 1936 to July of 1952, where he was then exiled to Italy.

How was hatshepsut an important ruler of Egypt?

Yes she was. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and hisprimary wife Ahmes. Her husband Thutmose II was the son of ThutmoseI and a secondary wife named Mutneferet, who carried the titleKing's daughter and was probably a child of Ahmose I. Hatshepsutand Thutmose II had a daughter named Neferure ( Full Answer )

Was Hatshepsut a temporary ruler of Egypt?

She was a full leader of Egypt. The queen died in early February of1458 B.C. In recent years, scientists have speculated the cause ofher death to be related to an ointment or salve used to alleviate achronic genetic skin condition. Thutmose III began a campaign toeradicate Hatshepsut's memory: He de ( Full Answer )

Who was the ruler of Egypt after Cleopatra vii died?

Octavian ruled Egypt as an imperial province after Cleopatra died. An imperial province loosely means that it is ruled and administered directly by the emperor and the revenue from it also goes directly to the emperor.