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There are 135 schools in the Boston Public Schools system.

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Q: How many school days in public schools in Massachusetts?
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How many days does a year round school have?

some public schools have 180 and some other private schools have 100

How many days a week are preschool children in school?

It depends on the program, but many are in school five days a week, often around the same hours as public schools are.

Is it legal to teach Christian songs at a public school?

Christianity in public schools is a big issue now a days. you should check with your local authorities representatives for a proper answer.

How many days a week are students required to go to school in India?

in private schools you go to school from monday to friday. but simetimes in rural or government or public schools you have school from monday to saturday usually with saturday being a half day

Who decides what holidays will be taken off in public schools?

School hours, days, and holidays are decided by the state department of education. Schools are required by the state to have a certain number of days in school and they even have to document the minutes. Each school is audited for time, hours, and days to be sure they have met the requirements. A particular school sets a calendar with these things in mind. If days are lost due to weather or other conditions the time has to be made up by the school.

How many snow days has Minneapolis Public Schools had in their history?

It would be impossible to know how many snow days Minneapolis has had in their history without contacting the school system to get their records.

Why should you have shorter school days?

have shorter school days for all the schools in austraila

Which country do kids have to go the most days of school?

The children of Korea go about 240 days a year for a standard public school schedule ---------------- I'm a student in Singapore and I go to school 247 days a year... but it varies slightly for Secondary schools. Primary (Elementary) schools have it worse though, they have around 20 days more than us because their holidays start later (approx. 267 days a year)

How many days of school are there in michigan?

That depends on which school. At my school, it changes. We usually start August 31st or 31 and end on the second Friday of June. Public schools start the day after Labor Day (as do Christian schools) and end on the second Friday of June too.

Should schools have shorter school days?


When do all schools end?

Technically, a school year ends near the beginning of summer. Often, if schools have snow days, extra days are added to the school year.

What is the approximate number of school in these days?

approximate number of schools in India these days