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Q: How many seasons are on American dad?
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How many seasons of American Dad are there?

There are currently Thirteen complete aired seasons.The first ten aired on FOX then it moved to TBS for the rest.Season Fourteen began February 12th 2018.-TBS announced on January 12th 2018 American Dad was renewed for two additional seasons [Seasons Fifteen & Sixteen] taking it through 2020.

How many American Dad episodes are there?

After 13 seasons, 235 episodes have aired. Season Fourteen began on February 12th 2018.

What is the name of the song on American dad season 7 Halloween special?

Your question cannot be answered since there's only been 6 seasons of American Dad.

How many american seasons of dragon ball z are there?

there are 9 seasons

When will American Dad end?

On January 12th 2018, TBS announced they had renewed American Dad for 2 additional seasons (Seasons Fifteen & Sixteen - 22 episode each) taking the show through 2020.If it doesn't get renewed again it'll end then.

In which season of American Dad does Steve sing?

Scott Grimes started singing in Seasons Seven & Eight

American Dad All Seasons All Episodes?

Try Videolog StanSmith. The language is English, but the subtitles are Portuguese.

How many seasons of American Idol had?

There have been 8 seasons so far.

How many seasons of American idol has jlo judged?

5 seasons

How many seasons of the secret life of the American teenager?

It's unknown how many seasons they will have in the future, but so far there have been 3 seasons.

When do new episodes of American Dad resume?

Season 14 debuted on February 12th 2018. TBS also announced on January 12th 2018, American Dad was renewed for two additional seasons taking it through 2020.

How many seasons was Lost in Space?

Lost In Space, an American science fiction television series, aired for 3 seasons, from 1954-1968.

When was The American Seasons created?

The American Seasons was created in 2001.

How many seasons has randy been on American idol?


Who wrote the four seasons?

your dad

When are Australian seasons?

Austailian seasons are the same as the American seasons

How many American dad characters are there?

6 in the family

How many good episodes of American dad?


How many seasons of American dragon drake long are there?

there are 2 seasons so far and i don't know if there's a season 3 or not

How many seasons are in Top Gear?

There are currently 16 seasons of the original British Top Gear, and the American version is in its 1st season.

How many season are there of the secret life of the american teenager?

im not sure how many there will be but curently there are 4 seasons

What music was played on American dad?

A lot of music has been played in American Dad. Far too many to list here. Care to specify which episode you're referring to.

How many seasons does secret life of the American teenager have?

The 4th season is currently playing!

Is American dad appropriate for a 12 year old?

It depends on how conservative the parents are. As the seasons go on it gets raunchy. So i'd suggest keeping it earlier if you're going to let them watch it.

Who is the guy at the end of American Dad credits?

He was a security guard at the studio where American Dad is made.