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“American Dad!” is an animated television series created by Seth MacFarlane, and aired on the Fox channel. The series features the voices of Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Scott Grimes, Rachael MacFarlane and Dee Bradley Baker.

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American Dad
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How old us Benjamin B Smith?

If you're referring to the American Protestant Episcopal Bishop, Benjamin Bosworth Smith, he was born in 1784 and died in 1884, making him 100 at the time of his death.

American Dad

Who are the writers for American Dad?

Check out this link for your answer. There seems to be quite a bit of writers who contribute to the show.!_episodes#List_of_episodes

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When did American Dad premiere?

The Pilot episode aired February 6th 2005

American Dad

Who are all the characters in American dad?

  • Stan Smith
  • Francine Smith
  • Hayley Smith
  • Steve Smith
  • Roger
  • Klaus Heissler
  • Jeff Fischer
  • jack smith
  • betty smith
  • rusty
  • baba and mama ling
  • gwen ling
  • nicholas and cassandra dawson
  • henry fischer
  • avery bullock
  • sanjit "A.J." bullock
  • jackson
  • dick reynolds
  • Reginald and koala
  • sanders
  • ray
  • bad larry
  • duper
  • bill
  • greg corbin
  • terry bates
  • libby corbin-bates
  • tank bates
  • principal brian lewis
  • snot
  • barry
  • toshi yoshida
  • akiko toshida
  • debbie hyman
  • lisa silver
  • lindsey coolidge
  • linda memari
  • bob memari
  • chuck white
  • buckle
  • sharri rothberg
  • sergei kruglov
  • father donovan
  • al turtle
  • barb hanson
  • turlington
  • captian monty
  • beauregard lawrence lafontaine
  • mrs. yoshida

Tha's all the characters from American Dad hope it helped. :D

American Dad

How old is Steve from American dad?


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American Dad

Are roger ramjet and American dad related?

No, not at all

American Dad

Where does American Dad take place?

In the fictitious city of Langley Falls, Virginia

American Dad

What is the song in American Dad season 2 episode 1 when Roger roleplays?

That would be Camp Refoogee and it's not a named song, it's just generic film-noir music composed for the episode by Walter Murphy.

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What is the song in American dad season 5 episode 1?

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (when Buckle Gets his legs blown off by a 'pinecone grenade')

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Is American Dad out for ps2?

What are you talking about ? PS2 ? Do you mean a video game ? There's no such thing as an American Dad video game nor will there ever be.

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Which American Dad episode features the song Electric Feel?

Son of Stan | Season 6 | Episode 2

American Dad

Who voices the characters in American Dad?

Main Characters:

Stan Smith: Father - voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Francine Smith: Mother - voiced by Wendy Schaal

Steve Smith: Son - voiced by Scott Grimes

Hayley Smith: Daughter - voiced by Rachel MacFarlane

Roger Smith: Alien - voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Klaus Heissler: Fish - voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Jeff Fisher: Hayley's husband - voiced by Jeff Fisher

Recurring Characters:

Greg Corbin: News Anchor & the Smith's neighbor - voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Terry Bates: News Anchor & the Smith's neighbor - voiced by Mike Barker

Snot: Steve's best friend - voiced by Curtis Armstrong

Toshi: Steve's friend - voiced by Daisuke Suzuki

Barry: Steve's friend - voiced by Eddie Kaye Thomas

Avery Bullock: Stan's Boss at the CIA - voiced by Patrick Stewart

Dick: Stan's coworker - voiced by David Koechner

Sanders: Stan's coworker - voiced by Mike Barker

Jackson: Stan's coworker - voiced by Mike Henry

Reginald the Koala: Stan's coworker - voiced by Erik Durbin

Principal Brian Lewis: at Steve's school - voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson

Buckle: Smith's neighbor - voiced by Matt McKenna

Sharri: Smith's neighbor - voiced by Lisa Edelstein

Chuck White: Stan's neighborhood rival - voiced by Mike Barker

There are more lesser used and no-named characters but those are the most prominent.

American Dad

How many people watch American Dad?

Season 11 on TBS averaged 1.11 million viewers on TBS and around 2 million for its adult swim airing.

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When and Where does American Dad air?

TBS airs new episodes on Mondays at 10pm EST.

Check your TBS & Cartoon Network cable & local listings for syndicated times.

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What is the title of the 100th episode of American Dad?

100 A.D.

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How old do you have to be to watch American Dad Family Guy and The Simpsons?

'The Simpsons' are mostly rated TVPG but a few episodes have been rated TV14.

'American Dad' is rated TV14.

'Family Guy' is mostly rated TV14 but a few episodes have been rated TVMA on Cartoon Network.

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Where can you watch American dad s4e8 chimdale online?

The best I would say is Videolog StanSmith. The subtitles are in Brazillian Portuguese, but the language is English. They have every single episode from 'Pilot' up until season 5!

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What is the name of the song from American Dad episode Francine 911 that played towards the end of the episode?

Its "Cool Change" by Little River Band.

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What is the band in American dad season 5 episode 8?

my morning jacket

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What song is heard in American Dad's Stan's Best Friend when Stan and Freddy are in Heaven?

Carried Away by Carl Broemel

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Did Hayley date the koala on American Dad?

She did go out with Reggie a few times.

American Dad

How does Stan die in American Dad?

In the episode 'Haylias' Hayley kills Stan by shooting him in the head because she is brainwashed into doing so.

He also momentarily dies in a car accident & in another episode, freezes to death under a tree.

He also dies after being thrown out of a window by a living hot tub.

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What episode of American dad was Freddy rodriguez in?

Freddy voiced Hector in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives"

American Dad

Who is security guard at the end of American Dad episodes?

He's just that, a security guard at the studio American Dad is created. However, in a recent episode commentary it was said he no longer works at the studio.

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What is Joe's last name in American dad?

There is no Joe in American Dad, there is in Family Guy. His last name is Swanson.


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