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The existence of life beyond earth is strictly theoretical. Whether you consider them friendly visitors, aggressive invaders, or just characters in a science fiction novel or film, ask your questions about our space neighbors here.

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Space Aliens

Do aliens exist?

very very possible, scientists found bacteria on mars a few months ago

Hindi Language and Culture
Space Aliens

What do you call a Alien in Hindi?


Science Fiction
Space Aliens

How do alien birth pods grow?

Alien birthpods do not 'grow', they are an alien pod with a pregnant alien Mum in it, and sometimes 2 other babies (usually twins), and you help the alien give birth by gently squeezing her head or body ( depending if it comes out of the back or the head - you will know by the huge hole which opens up that the baby will pop out of) and gently pulling it out if it does not pop out. Sometimes it is embedded in the aliens head, so you might have to it off of the head.

I hope this helped.

Space Aliens
Butterflies and Moths

Are butterflies evil?

Absolutely. Although no one knows the true intentions of the butterfly, it is beyond any fathomable doubt that they harbour evil intent towards the human race.

Some people even go as far as to say they are in contact with Lucifer himself.

Don't listen to Tuan, he's stupid.

Space Aliens

What do alien and vogue have in common?

they all fall under myths

Space Aliens

Did the government really find alien bodies?

they probably did , they're good at keeping secrets :/

From what we can tell, yes, at Roswell they did (the Air Force's current "cover" story is that Stalin rigged up and surgically mutilated a bunch of Russian dwarves to look like aliens, to scare the American people), - No , LITERALLY, this is their "current" story.

The TR3B (terran reproduction 3B) - flying triangle Astra, made with billions of dollars of your black ops money, is our current best human spacecraft. It runs off a gravity Torus. It's a copy of Roswell technology. I heard the first one from the 1980's had rocket boosters, as we were still figuring out the propulsion elements.

Pretty neat huh, for us little humans. Pitty the government won't tell us how it works.


  • The "bunch of Russian dwarves" alleged to be the current government cover story for Roswell... really isn't. It's taken from a book on Area 51 by a journalist, a book that has been heavily criticised for its poor sources, sensationalism, numerous mistakes and lack of common sense.
  • In reality, only in the mid-1990s did Roswell become widespread enough in popular culture that the government felt like addressing the incident, and its only "cover story" since then is that what crashed was a high-altitude balloon from a secret military program.
  • As for the TR3B, you won't be surprised to learn that it only allegedly exists; there are purported video proofs, but with the amount of camera phones around and the ease of adding special effects to movies, single videos of UFOs over cities are no strong proofs.
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Space Aliens

Do all aliens look the same?

no do we all look the same probably not

Space Aliens

What is the onomatopoeia of an angry alien?


Space Aliens

Who is the alien on TV show Radiradirah?

Taika Waititi

Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies
Space Aliens

Can you recommend some aliens attack earth movies?

War of the Worlds Independence Day Mars Attacks

Space Aliens

Who is the issuing authority for a alien registration card?


Sociopathy (Psychopathy)
Space Aliens

What causes a person to be a sociopath?

Sociopathy/Psychopathy would be defined as a syndrome with strong behavioral features of impulsivity and fearlessness and a strong interpersonal domain comprised of aggressive social relations, manipulation, rebelliousness, self-centeredness, and a tendency to externalize blame.

One twin study suggests that psychopathy has a strong genetic component. The study demonstrates that children with anti-social behavior can be classified into two groups: those who were also callous acquired their behavior by genetic influences, and those who were not callous acquired it from their environment "The amygdala is crucial for stimulus-reinforcement learning and responding to emotional expressions, particularly fearful expressions that, as reinforcers, are important initiators of stimulus-reinforcement learning. Moreover, the amygdala is involved in the formation of both stimulus-punishment and stimulus-reward associations. Individuals with psychopathy show impairment in stimulus-reinforcement learning (whether punishment or reward based)and responding to fearful and sad expressions. It is argued that this impairment drives much of the syndrome of psychopathy.
There is a strong genetic link and much evidence to support the idea that psychopathy is passed down and is biological.

  • Psychopaths don't have the same physiological responses to fear that constrain the behaviour of normal people, such as rapid heartbeat, sweating, dry mouth, trembling and muscle tension.
  • Psychopaths don't have physiological responses to emotionally charged words such as "love" and "death" the way regular people do, suggesting that they process emotional stimuli differently.
  • When one identical twin is psychopathic, the other is more likely to be psychopathic than those in the general population.
  • Adoption studies indicate that children can inherit psychopathic traits from a psychopathic parent even when they are raised by different parents.
  • When compared to non-psychopaths, differences have been found in a number of brain chemicals among psychopaths.

They are often reported as having an evil stare, sometimes with eyes that appear black rather then colored

Science Fiction
Space Aliens

What is a genii?

The Genii is a sophisticated race of Humans in the Pegasus Galaxy, somewhat allied to the Stargate Atlantis Expedition. They have survived Wraith cullins by moving heir population underground. They have a network of spies throughout the populated planets and can somewhat trustworthy in tough situations. REF: The Wraith (Race of vampiric creatures evolved from an insect feeding on human DNA over 1 million years ago.) The Wraith defeated the Ancients tens of thousands of years ago and since have been feeding on human being's life force in the Pegasus Galaxy. REF: The Ancients(Orignal Stargate builders in 3 separate Galaxys; The Milky Way, Pegusas and the Ori Galaxy.)

Space Aliens
Horse Tack

What are the different types of aliens?

We do not know this because the aliens had never actually been captured by us humans or even seen properly to determine its types but according to the myths they are either "the little green men" or the red ones.

Space Aliens

Why are aliens studying earth?

So they can take over the world and kill people with ray guns. Why else?

Space Aliens

What is space litter and what can you do with space litter?

space litter is just space junk all the left over booster rockets old satillites anything in space that is man made man not being used.

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What is another name for alien?

An alien is a stranger, sometimes coming from an extraterrestial body in space. From the thesaurus: A foriegner, non-citizen, outlander, outsider, traveler, traveller, au pair, deportee, exile, gringo, import, importee, metic, stranger, unknown, interloper, intruder, tresspasser, extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial being, or a hypothetical creature. The guy above my answer forgot to add grey. aliens are also called greys:)

Cricket (Sport)
English Spelling and Pronunciation
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What is a googly?

A normal leg break spins from the leg to the off side, away from a right-handed batsman, a googly spins the other way, from off to leg, into a right-handed batsman and is distinct from an off break delivery. The bowler achieves this change of spin by bending the wrist sharply from the normal leg break delivery position. When the ball rolls out of the hand from the side near the little finger, as in a normal leg break, it emerges with clockwise spin from the bowler's point of view. A googly may also be achieved by bowling the ball as a conventional leg break, but spinning the ball further with the fingers just before it is released.

Space Aliens

Is there really a such thing as aliens?


kasi pogi si aljon l driza

Space Aliens

How do you get slime out of hair?

Use vinegar, it is tough and should get the slime out. Just don't get any in the eyes.

A clarifying shampoo is strong, but works. You can get "Back to Basics - white grapefruit clarifying shampoo" at a Sallys or a beauty salon. Just be sure to rinse well and not get any in the child's hair.

Ancient History
Space Aliens

Are there good people living on earth?

NO!but what I mean is there is no good or bad people, just different situations..which bring out our good and bad sides essentially. Basically if we were to put a load of 'good' people into a hostile environment and tell them to fend for themselves they would very quickly become 'bad' or else carry on being good....but very dead... Answer==new answer= We are inherently good. To be bad is learned behavior. By focusing on what is good in others, we see more good in ourselves. To look within to see more and more good is to seek first the kingdom of heaven. To those who have, more will be given.


this depends on what you mean by 'good'

there are good people all over the place in the sense of people who are the following, who feel empathy, who are nice, who give to charities and maybe do charity work etc, and yes of course there are people like that.

then consider good, what exactly is good, is it a fact or an opinion

its more an opinion, as no-one is perfect all good people have done 'bad' things at some point, ie to take anger out on someone who doesn't deserve it is 'bad'

good is not a fact because all people have different ideas of what is good and there is no set rules on being good

the definition of good as in perfect, no- that doesn't exist no person is perfect, good people are capable of bad things just like so called 'bad' people

'good' is really society's expectation of what any individual must be, but society is judgmental and expects the impossible of human beings, of people, yet all the while judging everyone and everything no matter what they do or who they are.

all you can do is think about what you consider to be good and try to be it yourself without expecting it of other people, because other people are not you, and other people will have their own description of what good is and will live by their own, not by yours.

and certainly don't judge people nor yourself on societys adaptation of good, because you will definitely be disappointed if you expect what society expects, perfection.


Answer: Yes. I think they're poor people, because I think they've been taken advantage of, by others. But maybe they made bad decisions, resulting in poverty. I almost believe that nice people finish last, crooks finish first. But I know that to become rich usually requires lots of talent and/or brains, and ambition.


Yes, but they won't talk to the rest of us anymore because we refuse to accept responsibility for our actions and keep expecting someone else to take care of our problems for us, so they all moved to Costa Rica and run car rental shops for the tourists. If you go to visit they will smile politely and rent you a car if your willing to pay but they absolutely refuse to discuss any idea of reconciliation.


Very few.

Not the last time I visited

Space Aliens

How much do Scientologists charge to exorcise a space alien?

There is no such thing as "exorcism of a space alien" in Scientology.

This concept is a distortion of an auditing procedure that is used by some Scientologists at high levels of "Operating Thetan".

The distortion is this -

= It is not exorcism

- It is not about Space Aliens

- You cannot "pay" to get this procedure, as it is part of a larger course of study offered by the Church of Scientology that has many predecessor courses

Operating Thetan is a course of spiritual study that begins after achieving "Clear". It typically takes several years to achieve Clear, though it is possible for some persons to complete this goal within a year.

The costs of these courses and any desired "auditing" are published by the Church of Scientology, as well as by some independent practitioners. At each step, a person makes the individual choice to take the next course, and to decide for themselves how much auditing or other supporting courses they wish to take.

Therefore, there is no "amount" that a person can "pay" to receive this or any other OT service. it must be achieved through study and practice. The only direct monetary costs are "fixed donations" (see below) for the Church's services and any books, audio sets, or videos purchased.

There are many, many auditing procedures in Scientology, all with different procedures and results. The procedures chosen and the results from them vary widely by individual.

If a person were to believe that their body was infested by space aliens and wanted to receive counseling for it, I'm sure they could find appropriate counselling for that.

The Church of Scientology has a policy of "fair exchange", which means that people should pay a fair price for what they get. All churches charge fees or request donations for their services, as that is how they support their operations. As a matter of church policy, and in line with the founder's "Doctrine of Fair Exchange", the Church of Scientology implements the "fixed donation" policy. Part of the cost of the courses may be treated as a religious donation even though it is structured as a course fee.

Alternate Answer

Scientology scripture teaches humans are immortal spiritual beings called "thetans". Thetans were originally god-like entities existing in a non-physical environment. By various means thetans spiritually degraded and became dependent on physical bodies within a material universe.

A long time ago billions of aliens, also thetans, were brought to Earth to solve an overpopulation problem in another galaxy. The aliens were killed and their spirits were gathered and psychologically manipulated to be confused. The confused alien thetans, known as "body thetans" or BTs, cluster around humans causing spiritual degradation of the human thetans. One human may have thousands of BTs.

Scientology sells parishioners training and equipment to telepathically contact BTs and convince them to leave. Pricing depends on how much processing it takes to finish the task, not on how many BTs there are. Scientology does not refer to the expulsion of BTs as exorcism.

Space Aliens

What is a crowd of aliens called?


Star Trek
Space Aliens

What type of alien is Lt. Jadzia Dax?

Lt. Jadzia Dax is a Trill. This unique "joined race" whose humanoid members have provided host bodies for small soft-bodied entities in a symbiotic relationship; Among the humanoid Trill joined species, apparently at least two races of hosts are used to house a symbiont: those of the ridged forehead and those like Jadzia with a narrow speckled band running along the hairline to the sides of the neck, then down along the body. If a host is weak, the personality of the symbiont will overwhelm it. Unless its current Joined Host objects, a prospective Host may request a specific symbiont.

The symbiont body is a foot-long purplish lump of cranial and exoskeletal tissue, some are susceptible to damage by transporter beam. Thousands of symbionts live on Trill.

Since the symbiont integrates each new host's personality with its own after joining, Trill relationships are often hard for single-unit species to deal with and sometimes don't survive the change.

The symbiont does carry memories of time shared with each of its hosts, and each new combination - aside from gender, height and weight - carries a different blood type, metabolism, nervous system, and brain wave pattern.

Only one Trill in ten is chosen to be joined to the "thousands" of symbionts, but those not joined still lead normal, productive lives. If the truth were known that half the population could be hosts, rather than the 1-in-1,000 ratio officially quoted and the reason behind the rigorous selection and training program, some at the Symbiosis Commission worry that the symbionts would be bartered as commodities.

A Trill's lineal or family name follows the given name, as is done on Earth, but a host drops his lineal name in favor of the symbiont's. Social role equality seems apparent among the population, at least in medicine, with doctors and nurses of both genders.

Intrigue and Unsolved Mysteries
Space Aliens

What do UFOs look like?

a UFO could look like anything at all, because it stands for Unidentified Flying Object. so really this could describe a strangely shaped kite!

Were talking disk shape flying phenomenon not UFO as in anything unidentified.

They look like this..Imagine a perfect ring,like a bangle.Imagine it being pearl coloured and spinning around just like a perfect wheel.Now imagine a ball like mass at its front.Now its around 15-20ft radius and the bangle or ring or wheel or even disk is smooth cloud like thick vapourous circle.Now image the green bit from a rainbow,now make oval light out of this and place them all around the disk,this spinning too.Now imagine this hovering 40ft above the ground and in the middle of it is just a blackness. You now know what a REAL! UFO looks like.



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