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I believe Hugh Laurie has 2 years left on his contract. But that doesn't mean that'll be the end.

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Q: How many seasons of house are left?
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How many seasons of House are there?

there are 7 seasons of the show house.

How many seasons are there of full house?

8 seasons

How many seasons have been aired of house MD?

there have been 7 seasons of house (as of May 2011)

How many seasons does the tv show house have?

House is on its 5th season

How many seaons was full house on?

There was 8 Seasons Of Full house.

How many seasons are left in sponge bob?

3 seesons

How many seasons of full house and friends are there?

8 Full House 10 Friends

I just started watching the house videos and I now have seasons 1- 5 how many seasons are there?


How many season were there of house of Anubis?

There are three seasons of House of Anubis. It ran from 2011 to 2013.

How many seasons are there of Cory in the house?

I think there is only 2 seasons. They are still probably working on season number three.

How many years did the tv show Full House run for?

8 Seasons

Next new episode of house?

Unfortunately, there are not any new episodes of House left to air. The show was cancelled in 2012. The series aired for 8 seasons.

What year will house of Anubis come back?

house of Anubis will defineltly come back because there is still some mysteries left and there will be new characters and new enemy's and more clues, Also house of Anubis will have 3 seasons left!

How many seasons of Little House a new beginning?

There was only one, which was season nine of the Little House series.

How many seasons does Derek Jeter have left on his contract?

Derek Jeter has two seasons left on his contract, with an option for a third. His contract was for three years (2011-2012) and an option in 2014.

How many seasons of Full House are there?

The ABC sitcom "Full House" ran for 8 seasons and had 192 total episodes. It ran from September 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995.

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how many seasons are there in your country how many seasons are in Peru

Is there a sequel of Full House?

There is 8 seasons of Full House.

How many episodes are left of house of Anubis?


How many episodes of house are there?

There were 177 episodes of the television show House across eight seasons. Season four had only 16 episodes but the other seasons ranged from 22 to 24 episodes per season.

Which seasons of the television series House are available on DVD?

House, or House M.D. is a television drama series. Though it has eight total seasons, only the first seven of the eight seasons have been encoded onto a DVD.

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It doesn't

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