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only three colours made from primary colours are:-

purple (red + blue)

green (blue + yellow)

orange (yellow + red)

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Q: How many secondary colours can be made with primary colours?
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How is colour used in pop art?

the primary colours and he secondary colours which are on the colour wheel and the colours are.... primary colours: red, blue and yellow secondary colours: purple, pink and orange

How do you make neutral color with primary colors?

The combination of all three primary colours in varying proportions, will give you many shades of both browns and greys. Grey, taupe and brown are all considered to be neutral colours. Many artists use the admix of a a complimentary secondary colour to a primary colour to make shadows that look more natural. Remember, secondary colours are just colours achieved by mixing two of the three primary colours.

How could you use primary colors to produce secondary colors?

You use primary colors to mix together, and you can get many secondary colours, depending on how many different combinations you try. Was this question a joke??

How many secondary colors are they?

Three. Secondary colours are achieved by mixing two of the primary colours. Red and yellow make orange, red and blue make purple, and yellow and blue make green.

How many colors in the color wheel?

There are 3 primary colours in colour wheels, and three secondary. The primary colours are blue, red, and yellow. These colours then make mix to blue and red to make purple, blue and yellow to create green, and yellow and red to make orange.

How many primary colors are there?

Color theory and the color wheel is based on 3 primary colors that when mixed create 3 secondary colors (orange, green and purple). One has to be careful to specify colors produced by mixing light, mixing ink or paint and the optical appearance of a color. See the link below for a complete list of all colors.

How many are primary color?

There are three primary colours. They are:RedYellowBlue

How many colors are there and what are they?

There is an endless ammount of colours. Colours can be mixed together to make any shade. On the colour wheel, however, there are 6 main shades. Primary: Red, blue, yellow. Secondary: Purple, orange, green.

How many primary colours does and LCD need to produce all the colours of the rainbow?


How many Colours do Cows come In?

Two primary colours: blue and yellow.

How many primarys are there?

There are three primary colours. They are:RedYellowBlue

How many secondary colors is there?

There are 3 secondary colors, which are green, orange, and purple. Of course, these come in a great many variations. The primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors are made by a combination of two primary colors. Blue + yellow = green, red + yellow = orange, and red + blue = purple.