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Contestants are given thirty seconds to answer a Final Jeopardy! question.

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How many categories does Jeopardy have?

13 - there are six categories in the Jeopardy round, six in the Double Jeopardy round, and one category for final jeopardy.

How many seconds do you have to answer a first round jeopardy question?

There is a 5 second time limit and then the value of the clue is deducted and the other contestants can ring in

How many questions on Jeopardy?

There are 61 answers/questions in a complete game of Jeopardy - 30 in the Jeopardy Round, 30 in the Double Jeopardy Round and 1 in the Final Jeopardy Round.

How many categories are there in jeopardy?

There are 6 categories in both the Jeopardy Round and the Double Jeopardy round and one more for final Jeopardy making a total of 13 for a show.

How many times has there been only one player in final jeopardy?

The Jeopardy Archive claims it is only the second time that it happened in the Show's history In the old Art Fleming Jeopardy they have ended with no contestants able to play final Jeopardy because everyone's score was zero or below. That Makes the March 16 2011 Game result of only one contestant able to play Final Jeopardy not a record or a Tie of an existing record. The Jeopardy Archive does note that it is the second single final Jeopardy in the Show's history see related link

How many seconds are in 1 billion seconds?

The clue is in the question - in 1 billion seconds, there are 1 billion seconds!

What was the final jeopardy question June 29 2012?

NOBEL PRIZE WINNERSAmong the many books he wrote were "The World Crisis", "The Second World War" & "Painting As A Pastime"Winston Churchill

How many does 1 minute and 47 seconds equal?

Exactly as in the question or as 167 seconds

How many games did brad rutter win on jeopardy?

twenty including 3 tournament final multi day games

How many players got the final jeopardy for December 29 2008?

Only Jim got the answer 3 sheets to the wind

How many Daily Double's in one Jeopardy game?

There are 1 in the first round 2 of them in the second Double Jeopardy round and you could call final jeopardy the 4th since you can double your money if you bet it all, but is is not called a daily double so the answer is 3

How many questions are there in the first round of jeopardy?

Technically none, as the jeopardy screen is a screen of answers. The players of the game provide the question to that answer. This is why all responses must be phrased as a question or points are not awarded.Another answer: The first round of Jeopardy has six categories, with five clues in each category. Therefore, there are 30 clues, each of which must be responded to in the form of a question.

What was Final Jeopardy for April 22 2011?

The final category was Biographers The clue was: As many Mourned, this minister wrote in a letter. "Washington is gone Millions are gasping to read...about him The answer was: Who was Parson Weems

Final interview question?

There are many questions you could ask as a final interview question. You could ask why the person feels they need the position.

What was the finally velocity of a car that was traveling at 4ms and accelerated 2ms for seconds?

The question does not specify how many seconds it accelerates for so I would suggest that the answer is 300,000 km per second (approx).The question does not specify how many seconds it accelerates for so I would suggest that the answer is 300,000 km per second (approx).The question does not specify how many seconds it accelerates for so I would suggest that the answer is 300,000 km per second (approx).The question does not specify how many seconds it accelerates for so I would suggest that the answer is 300,000 km per second (approx).

How many seconds is 3 meters per second in ten seconds?

The question does not make sense. It needs to be reworded.

How many seconds did it take Everton to score during the 2009 FA Cup Final?

Louis Saha scored for them after 25 seconds of the first half.

How many minutes are in 25 seconds?

None 60 seconds = 1 minute so 25 seconds is less than 1 minute If the question was - how many seconds in 25 minutes, the answer is 25 x 60 = 1,500

What was the final question and answer on Feb 18?

Jeopardy has many different answers for that date over the past 28 seasons in 2010 it wasLITERARY CHARACTERSHis "story was soon told, for the whole twenty years had been to him but as one night"Rip Van Winkle

How many seconds are there in thirty degrees?

1 degree = 60 seconds. You now have all the information required to work out the answer to your question.

How many mintues and seconds in 152?

It depends on whether the question refers to 152 days, years, hours, seconds etc.

What are the five main categories for the game show jeopardy?

Jeopardy has many more than 5 main categories of its Questions/clues and the show itself could be said to have different parts or acts like an introduction , single , double , and final Jeopardy. There would also be when the winner is determined if that was the five you were asking about. They is also a commercial break as part of the single Jeopardy round

Do you study for Jeopardy?

If your question was phased different it might be easier to answer. For example would you have a better chance of wining if you studied would be a simple yes answer. Another example is the question, I'm going to be on Jeopardy do you think I would do better if I studied. Most people study just to try out for Jeopardy and many of those who do audition have already been involved in other question and answer contests and events while attending school.

How many seconds are in a year weeks?

Your question needs clarification. " year weeks?"

9 min secs?

If your question is how many seconds in 9 minutes the answer is 540.

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