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Q: How many secret service personnel are assigned to ex-presidents of usa. HOW MUCH MONEY DO WE PAY usa EX-PRESIDENTS?
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Are US soldiers allowed to keep their weapons after they retire or after their term of service is over?

No. Those weapons are returned to the arms room, to be reissued to other incoming personnel who need to be assigned a weapon. They remain government property.

How can you find out what basic training unit at Fort Knox someone was assigned to if there is no record of it in his DD214?

The person's duty assignments do not appear on DD 214 except for foreign service, and then just length of foreign service. His records of every duty station he was assigned to, including training, will be found on his DA Form 20, available under certain circumstances from the National Personnel Records Center in St. louis, MO.

Uniformed service personnel in a hotel?

identify the uniformed service

What is the monetary value assigned to a product or service?


Food service personnel and their functions?


What categories of service does eMILPO allows unit users personnel managers and commanders to view?

Personnel Services

The collective term for the police ambulance and fire services is?

emergency services personnel

What are the personnel policies to food service establishments?


Who are the personnel of the food service organization?

katulong bobo

Why a person becomes a personnel?

A person refers to a private individual. A person becomes a personnel if he is employed in an organization, business or service.

Which ICS Section is responsible for checking in and tracking all resources assigned to the incident and their status (assigned available out of service)?

The Planning Section

What is bell department in a hotel?

bellboys or room service personnel.

Who is in charge of the civil service system?

The Office of Personnel Management

Is the General service administration is in charge of government personnel?


Missing in action?

Missing in action, or MIA, is defined as a casualty classification that is assigned to armed services personnel who are reported as missing during active service. They may have been wounded, killed, deserted, or become a prisoner of war. Their remains nor their grave has been positively identified if they are deceased.

What is the organization created in 1883 to administer the personnel service of the national government on the principle of employment?

civic service commission

What is a predefined set of permissions and rights assigned to user accounts?

A predefined set of permissions and rights assigned to user accounts is often called the terms of service or service terms. Although they are virtually everywhere they are largely ignored.

What does personnel mean?

People employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking such as military service.

What office runs the civil service system?

The office of Personnel Management

Different qualities of efficient food service personnel?

good and efficient

How do you spell technician?

That is the correct spelling of "technician" (trained service personnel).

Does a wife of a dead military personnel get his pension?

If the military personnel was died while on service, his next of kin ie his wife or parents if he was unmarried, intitle for defence pension as per the cause of death of military personnel.

What is location service on a cricket phone?

Location Service is a service that sends out regular pings to the nearby cellular towers, which allows emergency personnel to locate you easier.

What does the service Military Bank Online offered by Bank of America feature?

Military Bank Online from Bank of America offers Internet banking options for US military personnel. Bank of America as this service specifically designed for military personnel.

What are duties and responsibilities of food service personnel?

Food service personnel serve food like kwek kwek, fishball, kikiam, hotdog, shomai, isaw, up and down, adidas, and inihaw na dugo. easy question, hmm?