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Q: How many secret service personnel are assigned to ex-presidents of usa. HOW MUCH MONEY DO WE PAY usa EX-PRESIDENTS?
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Uniformed service personnel in a hotel?

identify the uniformed service

Food service personnel and their functions?


Are US soldiers allowed to keep their weapons after they retire or after their term of service is over?

No. Those weapons are returned to the arms room, to be reissued to other incoming personnel who need to be assigned a weapon. They remain government property.

Who are the personnel of the food service organization?

katulong bobo

What are the personnel policies to food service establishments?


What categories of service does eMILPO allows unit users personnel managers and commanders to view?

Personnel Services

What is bell department in a hotel?

bellboys or room service personnel.

What is a man in military service called?

Soldier or defence personnel.

Is the General service administration is in charge of government personnel?


How can you find out what basic training unit at Fort Knox someone was assigned to if there is no record of it in his DD214?

The person's duty assignments do not appear on DD 214 except for foreign service, and then just length of foreign service. His records of every duty station he was assigned to, including training, will be found on his DA Form 20, available under certain circumstances from the National Personnel Records Center in St. louis, MO.

Why a person becomes a personnel?

A person refers to a private individual. A person becomes a personnel if he is employed in an organization, business or service.

Is military service pay for paramilitary personnel also?

Military only.

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