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11479104000 seconds

in one year, there are 365 days or 366 days in a leap year; in one day there are 24 hours, in one hour yhere are 3600 seconds, therefore:

365*24*3600= 31,536,000.

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How will the toaster change in the future?

it will make toast many faster - only in like 5 secunds

How many rabbit year is one year?

one rabbit year is two weeks

One year is how many hours?

One year is about 8,765.81 hours.

How many years in one year?

Oneyear is in one year 360 days and 21600 min. in one year

How many minutes and sec are in one year?

525,600 Minutes in one year.

How many syllables are in 'year'?

There is one syllable in the word 'year'.

How many weeks equals one year?

52 weeks equal to one year.

One year is equal to how many months?

One year is equal to twelve months.

How many days in one leap year?

366 days in one leap year .

How many pages does A Widow for One Year have?

A Widow for One Year has 537 pages.

How many fourth of Julys are there in one year?

There is only one July 4th in a year.

How many minutes are there in one year?

If it is not a leap year, 525,600

How many hours or in a year?

8,766 hours in one year.

How many syllabes in year?

The word 'year' has one syllable.

How many year in a 52 days?

One seventh of a year !

How many offspring could one pair of rats produce in a year?

how many offspring can a pair of rats produce in one year?

How many miles are in one light year?

There are 5.87849981×1012 miles in one light year.

How many Friday 13ths can there be in one year?

There is either one, two or three in every year.

How many kilometers a one light year?

One Light Year is equal to 9454254955488 Kms

How many solstice do the earth have in a year?

There are two solstices a year, one in June and one in December.

How many minutes in one fifth of a year?

In a normal 365 day year, there are 105120 minutes in one-fifth of a year.

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