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800 is max but if you lick it then some will be missing!!

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How many seeds does a bell pepper have?

from 60 - 100 I just counted a small (2 inch by 3 inch) green bell pepper for biology. It had 251 seeds.

What is in the bell pepper?

just the seeds and the flesh of the pepper

What plant part is bell pepper?

It is the fruit. The fruit of a plant usually contains the seeds. A bell pepper contains seeds.

Is a bell pepper a fruit?

The bell pepper is a fruit because every fruit has seeds therefore making a bell pepper a fruit.

How big are bell pepper seeds?

pepper seeds are about as big as a pea but a little smaller

Do bell peppers have seeds?

Yes. There are many but the inside of the pepper is hollow and the seeds are easy to remove.

How many grains are in bell peppers?

The grains inside of a bell pepper will be the tiny seeds which are found when cutting it open. The entire bell pepper is not considered a grain because it is not a seed.

Do you have to dry bell pepper seeds to plant them?


Is a bell pepper a fruit or a vegetable?

A fruit is the part of a plant that contains the seeds- think about apples and apple seeds. Vegetables are a fleshy part of the plant that can be eaten- think of cabbage, carrots, lettuce. A bell pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant.

How much do bell pepper seeds cost?

Currently it's about $1.50 to $2 per bell peper.

How many cups of chopped green bell pepper in one medium bell pepper?

About a cup

How much does a red bell pepper weigh?

An average sized red bell pepper weighs about 8 ounces. However, some of the pepper is not eaten, like the seeds and stem. The edible portion is about 5 to 6 ounces for an averaged sized pepper.

Where do you get green pepper seeds in harvest moon ds?

You can get Pepper Seeds from the sprite Casino for 150 medals per packet of seeds. actually those are bell peppers but do those count as the peppers you ship to get a harvest sprite?

Is bell pepper a vegetable or spice?

It is technically a fruit (has seeds). In cooking, though, it is typically considered a vegetable.

How do you get a bell pepper in harvest moon ds cute?

Bell Peppers grow in Fall. You can buy Bell Pepper Seeds from the Sprite Casino. That unlocks once you find the Harvest Sprite named Roller. The Sprite Casino is in the Sprite Tree House.

How many seeds in a green pepper?


How many seeds are in a chili pepper?


Are bell pepper plants perennials?

no they are annuals, you have to plan seeds for it to grow a perennial we come back every year regardless of whether you have planted seeds.

Bell pepper fruit or vegetable?

Bell pepper is a fruit

How many syllables does bell pepper have?

There are three syllables. Bell-pep-per.

One chopped medium bell pepper equals how many cups?

One medium bell pepper = 1 cup chopped

How can you tell a banana pepper from a bell pepper?

A bell pepper is large and looks like a bell. A banana pepper is small, red and looks like a banana.

Bell pepper fruit?

Bell peppers are fruit because they contain the seeds of the plant. Bell peppers come in a variety of colors such as yellow, green, red and orange and have different taste.

How many seeds are in a green pepper?

There is no particular amount of seeds in a pepper but I'm just guessing around 100 seed since they are so small a pepper and fit them all but exactly what pepper are you asking about?

What is bell pepper in Filipino?

Filipino translation of bell pepper: sili