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Each cherry has one pit.

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How many cherry seeds do you need to grow a cherry tree?

one seed is as many seeds as you need to grow a cherry tree

How many seeds in a cherry tomato?

The average number of seeds in a cherry tomato is 25-40 seeds.

How many seeds does a cherry have?

It usually has one seed inside it depending on what kind of cherry it is.

How many seeds are there in a cherry?

Generally there is one and it is called a pit

How does a cherry disperse its seeds?

Cherry fruits are eaten by birds and mammals, hence the seeds are dispersed by them.

Does an orange have seeds or pits?

Seeds A fruit can have many seeds, but only one pit. For instances an orange has many seeds and a peach has only one pit. A cherry has a pit, but grapes have seeds.

How many seeds in cherry tomato?

Usually between 60 and 90

Do seed is larger apple or cherry?

Cherry seeds usually larger.

Are cherry seeds the core of the actual cherry?

Yes, they call it a "pit"

Can you plant cherry trees from seeds?

Yes. Cherry seeds can grow cherry trees. Plant them like any other seed. Give them light, water, and soil.

How maple seeds and cherry seeds might be scattered?

Maple seeds have little wings that allow the wind to carry it. Cherry seed are consumed and released through animal waste.

Are cherry pits also the seeds?


Do cherry seeds dispersed by animals?


What helps cherry seeds to be dispersed?

Animals eat the cherry fruits and when they excrete, the a cherry seeds come out because they dont get digested like the flesh in the fruit. Now, the seed which fell on the ground will grow into a young plant then into an adult cherry plant

Does a cherry tree have spores or seed dispersement?

Cherry trees produce cherries. The fruit have seeds in the middle. New trees grow from those seeds. The seeds are removed from cherries before they are put in pies.

How does the cherry tree reproduce?

Cherry trees reproduce sexually, producing seeds (which are then enclosed in cherries).

Are cherry seeds poisonous?

yes the seed within he pits of cherry is poisinous and contains cynogen

Are cherry pits also seeds?

Cherry pits are the seed of the cherry plant. In fact, any fruit "pit" is the seed in the fruit.

How do you get cherry bomb of moshi monsters with out planting seeds?

You do not need seeds to attract Cherry Bomb the moshling on Moshi Monsters. You get Cherry Bomb when you complete Super Moshi Season 1 Mission 4: Candy Catastrophe.

How many seeds do a cherry have?

Just one per fruit. Actually it has 2. The seed if you bite it open it has one in that.

Do cherries have seeds?

No, they have stones. The cherry pit, sometimes called a stone, surrounds and protects the cherry seed.

Do cherry trees have seeds?

Yes. If you have ever eaten a cherry right off the tree, you would know that tehy have seeds in the middle. Some cherries are seedless, kind of like a seedless watermelon.

Are sloe seeds poisonous?

Sloes (or blackthorn) do not have seeds, they have a single stone (like a plum or cherry) and not the stone is no poisonous.

Which one of these five things is least like the other four Cherry Peach Apricot Grape Plum?

Grape. The others have large seeds at their core. Grapes have many small seeds.

Where do pumpkin seeds come from?

Pumpkin seeds come from a Pumpkin, just like strawberry seeds come from a strawberry, and cherry pits come from cherries.

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