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Q: How many seeds are in an peach?
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How many seeds does the average peach have?


Why the papaya has many seeds while the peach has just one seeds?

it is because papaya has many ovules while peach just has one

How many seeds does a peach have?

One. The pit is the seed.

How do you germinate a peach seed?

You cannot germinate peach seeds, or any seeds. They germinate by themselves.

How many seeds are there in Peach fruit?

A peach usually has just one seed - called a 'stone' - at the centre of the fruit.

Does an orange have seeds or pits?

Seeds A fruit can have many seeds, but only one pit. For instances an orange has many seeds and a peach has only one pit. A cherry has a pit, but grapes have seeds.

Which have more seeds peach or apple?

An apple. There are several apple seeds in an apple, but only one pit in a peach.

How do peach seeds dispersed?

By animal

What are the release dates for Mr Smith's Peach Seeds - 2012?

Mr Smith's Peach Seeds - 2012 was released on: USA: February 2012

Are peach seeds toxic?

yes it's got cyanide in the kernel inside the peach pit.

Is a peach tree and angiosperm or gymnosperm?

A peach tree is an angiosperm because it produces fruit to protect their seeds. Gymnosperms often produce cones that disperse their seeds.

When do you plant peach seeds?

When the weather is coldest, preferably icy

Is nectarines a man made fruit?

yes, they are people mix peach seeds and plum seeds-by Cynthia Muniz

Which one of these five things is least like the other four Cherry Peach Apricot Grape Plum?

Grape. The others have large seeds at their core. Grapes have many small seeds.

How many seeds are there in a peach?

Peaches typically have one seed; however, it can have two or three, though this is very rare.

Can people spit seeds?

Um yes you can spit seeds. You can spit water melon seeds peach pits cherry pits stuff like that, but yes you can spit seeds. What does that have to do with Miley Cyrus?

What are the main events in James and the Giant Peach?

when james found the seeds the peach grew bigger moment of being on top of empire state building

How were children involved with Peach Seeds during World War 1?

they pelted people with them.

What has the author James Bruce Aitken written?

James Bruce Aitken has written: 'Relation of phenolic compounds to germination of peach seeds' -- subject(s): Peach

How many outfits does Peach have?

Classic Peach: Nurse Peach Tennis Peach Golf Peach Peach: Cowgirl Peach Pirate Peach Wizard Peach Archeologist Peach Space Peach Golf Peach Tennis Peach Nurse Peach Melee Peach Modern Peach: Sunshine Peach Golf/Tennis Peach Summer Peach Football Peach Strikers Peach Biker Peach Winter Peach Brawl Peach Japanese Peach Shadow Queen Peach See link below for pictures.

What kind of chemicals are found in roses?

cyanogens in rose family (apple, peach, almond) seeds

Are all peach seeds the same size?

umm accually no they are n all the same size or shape.

What do peach faced lovebirds eat?

They eat fruit, seeds, and vegtables. Make sure to broil the veggies

Which one of these three are not the same a strawberry pear peach apple?

the strawberry it is the only one with seeds on the outside

How many syllables are in the word peach?

The word peach has one syllable.