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How many seeds does a pineapple have?

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600 seeds

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Do pineapple have many seeds?

No. They Have a core. No seeds.

How many seeds are in a pineapple?

zero they are on the out side of the pineapple :)

How many seeds do a pineapple have?


Where are the seeds in a pineapple if it is a fruit?

Pineapple is a fruit, and you can get seeds, they are in the fleshy prt of the fruit, it is possible that you don't get seeds as well, pineapple is just a whole heap of clusters stuck together

Do pinapples have seeds?

yes pineapple have seeds

What color are pineapple seeds?

I am not quite sure of the colour of pineapple seeds but i know for sure pineapples are yellow.(I think)

How do you get pineapple seeds in harvest moon island of happiness?

You must ship 100 Soybeans to unlock Pineapple Seeds.

Is a pineapple angiosperm?

A pineapple is indeed an angiosperm. A pineapple is considered to be an angiosperm because the seeds are inside of the fruit.

What is in oranges but not pineapple?

Orange seeds.

Do pineapple have seeds?

No Actually pineapple's seeds are right underneath the skin.


Pineapple is a fruit. This is because pineapple has seeds in it and it is sweet. It also grows from a tree, which is typical of fruit.

Where is the seed in a pineapple?

Where is the seed in a pineapple?There are no seed in a pineapple and it is reproduce by suckers.2.The first person is right, no seeds because it is part of a plant group called Bromeliaceae or Bromeliads. So there isn't any seeds.

Local fruits without seeds?


Can a pineapple plant grow in a pot?

deppending on how many seeds you put in to it Answer. The number of seeds is irrelevant . It only takes one seed to produce a plant in one pot. If the conditions are right the top of a pineapple placed on the soil in a pot will grow into a plant.

The fruit with its seeds on the outside?

The strawberry, the Pineapple and the Cashew Fruit all have seeds on their outsides.

Is a pineapple a fruit or veggie?

Obviously a fruit ? A fruit is defined as having seeds. Where are pineapple seeds? pinapple is kind of like a fake pregnancy- all the outside but no seed (embrio)

How do you fertilize a pineapple plant?

You can fertilize it with boiled coffe seeds!

What Tool removes seeds from juice or strain crushed pineapple?

There are multiple tools that can be used to remove seeds from juice or strain crushed pineapple. These include strainers, sieves, and mesh colanders.

On runescape where to get pineapple seeds?

you actually dont get seeds you buy a non tradeable plant but i dont know were

Where are the seeds of a pineapple?

The seeds are located within the flesh of the pineapple, mostly towards the lower part of the fruit. In most pineapples they may be impossible to find due to hybridization, lack of pollination, or the fact that the fruit are harvested before the seeds are mature.

Did pineapple have seeds?

I have had pineaple for almost 60 years and have never found a seed in it.I quite sure "pineapple does NOT have seed(s)"

What is the role of government in production?

jelly beans are made from pineapple seeds

Is a pineapple a wreaid fruit?

A pineapple is a weired fruit because no one really even knows where are the seeds and if its a fruit or a veg or a nut

Are pineapples more of a Bromelioideae than fruit?

We generally refer to the pineapple as a fruit because we eat it and it contains the seeds of the pineapple plant. The pineapple plant is a Bromelioideae which is a subfamily of the Bromeliaceae or bromeliads family.

What fruits have few seeds?

mango,apple,dragon fruit,pineapple and strawberry

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