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The key of A minor contain's no sharps or flats and as such is related to the key of C major (all white notes on the piano for both). This relationship is why it's called the "relative minor" of C major.

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Q: How many sharps does a sharp minor have?
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How many sharps are in the key of C sharp minor?

There are four sharps in C sharp minor. These sharps are C# D# F# and G#. The harmonic minor also has B#. (which is C)

How many sharps does G sharp minor have?

The natural minor has 5 and the harmonic minor has 4 and a double sharp.

What sharps are in f sharp minor?

F-sharp minor contains three sharps: F, C, and G.

How many sharps G sharp minor?

5 sharps. F C G D A

How many sharps in A harmonic minor?

In A harmonic minor, there is just one sharp (G sharp).

How many sharps does e minor have?

E sharp has 3 sharps and 4 double sharps, the sharps are E sharp, A sharp, and B sharp.

How many sharps in B major?

B Major (and G sharp minor) has five sharps, but B minor only has two sharps (like D major).

What key signature has 5 sharps?

B major, or G sharp minor. The sharps are F, C, G, D and A. F#, C#, G#, D#, A#

How many sharps are in the key of A sharp?

A major has 3 sharps, A minor has no sharps or flats.

What minor key has f and c sharp?

B Major and G sharp minor. The sharps are F, C, G, D, and A sharp, in that order.

What are the keys in sharps and in flats?

C major (no sharps or flats)Sharp Keys:G Major/E minor (1 sharp)D Major/B minor (2 sharps)A Major/F-sharp minor (3 sharps)E Major/C-sharp minor (4 sharps)B Major/G-sharp minor (5 sharps)F-sharp Major/D-sharp minor (6 sharps)C-sharp Major/A-sharp minor (7 sharps)Flat Keys:F Major/D minor (1 flat)B-flat Major/G minor (2 flats)E-flat Major/C minor (3 flats)A-flat Major/F minor (4 flats)D-flat Major/B-flat minor (5 flats)G-flat Major/E-flat minor (6 flats)C-flat Major/A-flat minor (7 flats)These are all the possible keys you can write in, enharmonic keys are italicised.

Which key signature has the maximum number of sharps in a minor key?

That would be the key of A-sharp minor, the relative to C-sharp major, which contains seven sharps. The leading tone is G-double-sharp.