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How many siblings does Kelly Clarkson have?

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Kelly Clarkson has two siblings, an older brother named Jason, and an older sister named Alyssa. Kelly is the youngest of the three. She also has two younger half brothers from her biological father named Kevin and Eric.

Bonus info: Jason (Kelly's brother) appeared in her video for "Walk Away" - he's the guy dancing in the public bathroom.

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Q: How many siblings does Kelly Clarkson have?
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How many step sisters and brothers does Kelly Clarkson have?

Kelly Clarkson doesn't have any step-siblings. But she does have one older brother and one older sister

Does Kelly Clarkson have siblings?

yes a older sis named alyssa clarkson and an older bro named jason clarkson

Is Julia stiles and Kelly Clarkson sisters?

No. Julia Stile and Kelly Clarkson aren't in any way related. The only siblings Kelly Clarkson has are her older sister Alyssa and her older brother Jason.

How many number one singles has Kelly Clarkson had?

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How many sisters does Kelly Clarkson have?

Yes, Kelly Clarkson has 1 older sister. Her name is Alyssa Clarkson. She lived with Kelly and her brother Jason.

Where was Kelly Clarkson originally from?

Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She lived with her parents Joanne Rose and Michael Stephen Clarkson who later got divorced. She had two older siblings Alyssa and Jason.

How many number 1 songs has Kelly Clarkson had?

Kelly Clarkson has had 6 number ones.

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Kelly Clarkson (5ft 3in)

What is Kelly Clarkson real name?

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