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It was outlawed, so none.

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How many slaves were in the North and South during Civil war?

Also the South had Slaves to work on those farms the North started blockading the South there was a widespread shortage of many goods such as shoes. Adventages of North during Civil war? What were the advantages of the North?

How many slaves were there at the beginning of the civil war in the US?

There were about 4 million slaves in the south during the time of the Civil War.

How many slaves were killed during the civil war?

to many about 111,111,119,000,000

How many people were in the north during the civil war?

There were 20 million in the north during the civil war

How many slaves were there in the border states during the Civil War?

There were 430,929 slaves in the Border States.

How was life different for different populations during recontruction?

Many white southerners had slaves during the Civil War, but when the north won they didn't have slaves any more so the white southerners' lives were very different.

How many slaves survived the civil war?

It wasn't that slaves were killed during the war, but some were forced to fight during the war.

Why were there less slaves in the north?

At the time of the Civil War there were significantly fewer slaves in the North than in the South. Many African Americans enjoyed full freedom in the north.

In what ways did the slaves' lives stay the same after the civil war?

During Reconstruction, many black slaves stayed in the South after the Civil War. With the exception of being enslaved, they were often treated the same as they had before they were freed. Slaves who migrated to the North were on the whole treated better.

Was there any kid slaves during the civil war?

yes,there were very many African American (black) child slaves working on plantations and more (mostly plantations) during the civil war

What was the poplution of the south during the civil war?

About nine million, a third of them slaves. Many of these slaves escaped during the fighting, which was nearly all in the South.

How many slaves were in the US during the US Civil War?

About four million slaves were in the US at the start of the US Civil War. Most of them were in the eleven Confederate states.

Who was responsible for many initial efforts in black education during the civil war?

Usually women from the Union (North) whom were against slavery educated slaves and/or Africans.

Did the north have slaves during the civil war?

Some Northerners were known for having slaves; however, most Northerners were against the idea of slavery. Many slaves would venture up to the North through a system called the Underground Railroad in order to escape the brutal slavery seen vitally in the South.

The primary reason Chesapeake slaves were sold was?

Most of the Chesapeake area slaves were sold because they were in the North before the Civil War and the North was supposedly against slavery. Many slaves were traded or sold if they were not performing as promised.

What was one way the slaves showed their appreciation for the emancipation proclamation?

During the Civil War many escaped slaves enlisted in the army of the Union.

How did the slaves survive during civil war?

during the civil war business went on as usual where ever possible so many the slaves saw very little change in their daily lives until the war was just about over.

How many states were in the north during the Civil War?

23 in the north and 11 in the south, 34 in all.

What are the number of slaves in US at the end of the civil war?

Many slaves had served in the Civil War. There were about 4 million slaves under bondage by the end of the Civil War.

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