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Q: How many slaves were taken by Europe?
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Where were the slaves from Africa taken to?

many slaves were taken from the West Coast of Africa. Their chiefs were bribed with alcohol and weapons made by the British. They were taken to America where they worked on the cotton plantations and, to a lesser extent, coffee plantations

Where did the middle passage occur?

The slaves were taken from Africa, back to the Americas of Europe

How many slaves were taken from Nigeria?

I am trying to write a novel about a boy from Nigeria taken as a slave. When were slaves taken from here.

How many slaves were traded by Europe?

The same number as were trained by Africa to Europe.

Did most slaves come from Europe?

No, most slaves did not come from Europe. The majority of slaves were taken from Africa and brought to the Americas during the transatlantic slave trade. This was a brutal and forced migration of millions of Africans who were enslaved and forcibly transported to work in the New World.

Where were the slaves from Africa taken?

They took them to Europe and the US. They were sold at a small price.

Why can't Muslims be slaves?

Many of the Africans taken to the Americas as slaves were Muslims, so Muslims can be (or at least were) slaves.

Where did indentured servants and slaves come from?

Indentured servants and slaves came from parts of Africa. The African villages were raided and the people were taken and herded onto ships and taken to Europe and the United States. There, they were sold at auction like cattle.

How many African slaves went direct to Europe?


How young were some slaves?

many were babies, they would get taken from their mothers and then they are slaves, they would work their butts off.

How many black people were taken out of Africa as slaves?

9.5 million.

How many times have the winter Olympics taken place in Europe?

15 of the 21 Winter Olympic games have taken place in Europe.