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Out of the 2,700+ species known to man, less then 400 are considered dangerous to humans.

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Why are snakes not dangerous?

well snakes are actually dangerous

Why are snakes dangerous?

Snakes are dangerous because most of them are very strong or are venimous!!!

Are chicken snakes dangerous?

They are dangerous

How many snakes are dangerous in Australia?

Of the 140 species of land snakes in Australia, 100 species are venomous.

Does Moldova have snakes?

Of course, but no dangerous snakes.

What is the least dangerous snake?

There are snakes that do not carry venom, and are therefore less dangerous than other snakes. Some of these snakes include garter snakes, bullsnakes and different types of pythons.

Are Corn Snakes dangerous?

No corn snakes are not dangerous. They are actually very friendly and trusting. I recommend getting one!!

What are diifferent types of snakes?

milk snakes and coral snakes they look the same but coral snakes are dangerous and milk snakes aren't

Are there any dangerous snakes on cape verde islands?

Cape Verde is one of the few Land masses on the world which has a zero percent population of snakes (excluding pets) there are no snakes on the cape verde islands and not many other dangerous animals either.

Why are snakes unpopular?

snakes are unpopular because people think snakes are slimy, dangerous, or scary.

Are corn snakes dangerous or poisonous?

No and no. They are harmless and great beginner snakes.

What snakes live in Delaware county?

garden snakes, nothing dangerous

Why do snakes have color?

snakes have colour to warn their predators that they are venomous or dangerous

Are ringneck snakes dangerous?

No ringneck snakes are not dangerous.But can bite if threatened!

Are Eastern Indigo Snakes Dangerous?

No. Eastern Indigo Snakes are not dangerous and seldom bite people. Although you do have to have a permit to handle them.

Are deserts dangerous?

yes the desert is highly dangerous, there are many reasons why such as heatstroke, dehydration, deadly snakes, and other harmful creatures

What is more dangerous spiders or snakes?

Most snakes and most spiders are not dangerous. Most snakes are nonvenomous. All spiders have some venom but it usually is not dangerous unless you have an allergy to it. On the whole, a larger portion of snakes than spiders have venom that can kill or seriously harm a human.

Are all water snakes dangerous?


Are gray snakes dangerous?


Are there dangerous snakes in Miami?


Are Gopher Snakes Dangerous?


Why snake is dangerous?

Snakes are dangerous mostly for their bite, even more so if that snake is venomous. Even snakes that are not venomous can bite you and spread illness. A very few selection of snakes spit their venom which is even more dangerous.

Are black snakes dangerous?

There are different species of snakes which are black, some are dangerous and some are not. If you are in any doubt it is better to asume that it might be dangerous and leave it well alone. The black mamba is one of the most deadly snakes in the world.

Are all snakes poisonios?

No some snakes like the andiconda are just dangerous;)

What is Haiti's most dangerous snakes?

Actually Haiti is considered to be free of poisonous snakes, so the most dangerous would be the boa constrictor