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How many solutions does x equals 8have?

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A solution to an linear equation

cx + d = f is in the form x = a for some a, we call a the solution (a might not be unique).

Rewrite your sentence:

x = 8, 8 is unique. So how many solution does it have?

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How many solutions does x equals y and y equals x have?

Infinitely many: they are the same line!

How many solutions does 6x2-7x-40 equals 0 have?

It has two solutions and they are: x = 3.230396696 and x = -2.063730029

How many solutions does x equals 4 y equals 1 have?

x = 4y = 1Only one solution:x = 1y = 0.25

How many solutions does 2x-y equals 8 and x plus y equals 1 have?

2x - y = 8 x + y = 1 These are your two equations. They will have two solutions since you have two variables. The solutions are x=3 and y=-2

What will give the answer equals 5 when x equals 12?

There are infinitely many possible solutions. Some are:x - 7abs(sqrt(x + 13))x^2 - 139

How many many solutions does the system x equals 8 have?

X = 8That equation has exactly one solution.The solution is:x = 8

How many solutions does the following system have x plus y equals 3 and 2x plus y equals 5?

It has 2 solutions and they are x = 2 and y = 1 which are applicable to both equations

What is the solution of 4y minus x equals 10?

The equation has infinitely many solutions.

How do you write a equation with x equals 2 and y equals 10?

There are a number of possible solutions which will have x=2 and y = 10 as solutions but many of them will also allow other solutions. One possibility, with a unique solution, is (x-2)2 + (y-10)2 = 0

How many solutions does x plus y equals 4 and 2x plus 2y equals 8 have?

Infinite, both equations are equivalent and all possible solutions can be represented on the graph y = 4 - x

What are the solutions for X squared minus 5x equals 6?

The solutions to the quadratic equation are: x = -1 and x = 6

What are 3 real rational solutions to this system of equations z equals x squared y equals z squared x equals y squared?

The two rational solutions are (0,0,0) and (1,1,1). There are no other real solutions.

How many solutions does x equals 8 have?

only one. look at the problem. x = 8 x has to equal 8. hope i helped! :)

How many solutions are there x equals -31?

Only one, and you've already told us what it is.The solution is:X = -31

What time what equals 384?

There are many solutions !... 1 x 384, 2 x 192 and 3 x 128 are just three possibilities.

How many solutions are there to the following system of equations 2x-y equals 2 AND -x plus 5y equals 3?

How many solutions are there to the following system of equations?2x - y = 2-x + 5y = 3if this is your question,there is ONLY 1 way to solve it.

How many solutions exist for the system of equation x plus 6y equals 12 plus 2x plus 12y equals 1?

zero solutions. If you plot these two lines, you will see that they are parallel and do not intersect.

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