How many son or daughter does Michael Morpurgo have?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many son or daughter does Michael Morpurgo have?
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Is Michael kensukes son in kensukes kingdom by Michael Morpurgo?

No, Michael is not Kensuke's son.

Does Michael Morpurgo have any son?

Yes he has two. One called Freddie and John. Hope I helped!

How many children does Cissy Houston and John Russell Houston have?

She had 3-- one son from her first marriage (Gary), and a son and daughter (Michael and Whitney) from her second. Sadly, only two of her children are still alive, now that Whitney is deceased.

In the book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo what are the names of Kensuke's wife and son?

kensuke Kensukes wife's name is Kimi

Who is the best children writer nowadays?

I would say Michael Morpurgo my son is 9 and he loves them read Kensuke Kingdom first though.

How many daughter and son Prophet Muhammad has?

4 daughter and he had no son

Are any of Michael Morpurgo's stories real?

* Most of Michael Morpurgo's books are based on true events. An example is "Out of the Ashes," which was about foot and mouth disease. The story was not true, but woven together from events that have actually happened. * You know what? "Kensuke's Kingdom" probably was true. Michael got a letter 4 years after it was published from Kensuke's son.

Does Michael Gambon smoke?

There is no public information on Michael Morpurgo being a smoker. Michael Morpurgo is an award-winning author of children's books including War Horse and Private Peaceful.

How many grandchildren did Margaret Thatcher United Kingdom have and what are all of their names?

Margaret Thatcher has 2 grandchildren. Her son Mark has a son and daughter called Michael and Amanda

How many lil Wayne got?

One Daughter. Her Name Is Reginae Carter =) but NOW he has a son Dwayne Michael cater III

Does Whitney Houston's brother Michael Houston have any children?

Yes, Michael Houston and his wife Donna have a son and a daughter. The son (Gary Michael) is also a performer, who uses the name E.D.O.T. Michael also has a younger son from a previous relationship.

How many kids does Whitney Houston have?

Cissy Houston had one son by her first marriage to musician Freddie Garland (Gary), and a son and daughter (Whitney and Michael) by her second marriage.