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How many songs did the Jonas brothers make?


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They've RECORDED around 99, not including Nick Jonas' solo album.

They've WRITTEN around 70 (that are released to the public).

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I know 37 of their songs and this is in 2009 i started liking The Jonas Brothers 1 year ago and currently now they have 72 songs I am in LOVE with The Jonas Brothers!!!!!

there are 76 songs by the jonas brothers as far as i know im there number 1 fan!! :)

I think they have between 50 and 55 songs out.

The Jonas Brother have written over 65 songs. Many of their songs were written in collaboration, while a number were written by Nick Jonas himself.

The Jonas Brothers have made 6 total albums together

i can answer that question because ....its very very very many songs!!And i like very much all songs they have!!

37 all together including new verisions of the songs year300 and what i go to school for

Most likely since they record so many songs.

It depends 15-20 but it takes 3 hours

They have 4 albums, plus Nicholas' solo album in 2003

they have: this is me we rock on the line So 3 but, they propely have written more songs together

how many records has the Jonas brothers had? how many records has the Jonas brothers had?

Many of the songs performed in their television show "Jonas" are not on their newest CD, "Lines, Vines, And Trying Times". The only song from their show that is on the CD is "Keep it real".

the Jonas brothers have no sisters but have one little brother and there are three Jonas brothers if you didnt know

3. They go from oldest-to-newest: * It's About Time * Jonas Brothers * A Little Bit Longer

4 albums together as the Jonas Brothers

One, "Bonus Jonas" Frank (Franklin Nathaniel) Jonas.

they have written all their songs i think because they r all very talented musicians They write their songs alone with the help and support of their family.

Frankie Jonas doesn't wrote any songs

Actually the JONAS BROTHERS have won 15 awards.

There are over 12,500 Jonas Brothers FAQ on WikiAnswers.

I think the Jonas brothers might if there are many fans in BC.

Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana has had some guest stars on her songs including the Jonas Brothers. She also was included in the Disney Channel songs "Friends For Change" and "Make a Wave", for the Disney program that encourages kids and teens to get out there and do good for the enviornment. She did a duet with Nick Jonas for the Jonas Brothers song "Before the Storm". I'm sure she has sung with many other people, but this is all I know of. Sorry : )

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