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How many songs did the chemical brothers wright?


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how man songs have the chemical brothers made in total? including sounds tracks and albums? please answer me :)

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There are 2 Wright Brothers, Orville, and Wilbur.

no. the wright brothers first plane did not suceed. it took many trys to make it "wright"

The Wright brothers did NOT create the first airplane. Many others were around before theirs.

The wright brothers built thirty planes by them selves then had other people help build. altogether they built one hundred planes, while the wright brothers were alive.

the wright brothers used many of materials like silky cloth, wood, iron and bicycle materials.

There were many other people trying to invent the airplane even before the Wright brothers. It eventually became a race, and obviously the Wright brothers won.

Orville and Wilbur had 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister.

The Wright brothers were not the first to actually fly a plane. Many others attempted and moved short distances before them.

While the Wright brothers built and experimented with several gliders and kites to test their theories, the Wright Flyer was actually their first powered prototype.

Oriville Wright flew their first plane!!! i figured it out YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Wright has 3 younger brothers: Stephen, Matthew, and Daniel.

Neither of the Wright brothers was the first man to fly an airplane. -Many men had flown, but for shorter distances, before they did.

The Wright brothers did NOT invent and fly the first airplane. Many others had built aircraft before them, but had limited success.

I think they have between 50 and 55 songs out.

Persistant is only one of the many

I know 37 of their songs and this is in 2009 i started liking The Jonas Brothers 1 year ago and currently now they have 72 songs I am in LOVE with The Jonas Brothers!!!!!

there are 76 songs by the jonas brothers as far as i know im there number 1 fan!! :)

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